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Then, when a chapter called the seven lives And Of success relies so we're online number two, as he calls it, and by the way, the lie doesn't mean so why it means we don't know if it works or not, So the belief number two is there's no such thing as failure. And he reverts back to a story that I've heard many, many times. I think, probably in his book first, but maybe other books, which is the story about A guy name of Edison and Addison Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb. Somebody was interviewing him. Reporter was interviewing Mr Edison. Is it true that you failed 999 times? Before you actually developed the light bulb that worked. And he said, no, that's not really true, he said. I was successful 999 times and finding out what didn't work. Concept being is that in science trialling air is how you get somewhere. You have to eliminate possibilities. And if you hold that, to be true in life, then life is trialling there as a whole. And I've always had a problem with this one as a self help belief system, and I'm gonna argue both sides of this for you. Okay? Um, The problem I have with that is Why would you go out there? Try to figure out 1000 different ways to diet when somebody's already figured it out. Why would you go out there and try to figure out 1000 different ways to make money when other people have already figured it out to me? Trial and error trial of their trial. There is not the effective way of doing it now. Does it work? Well, I didn't have really a mentor in real state. I mean, I read books got some ideas. And then I formulated my own working theory. Right, And then I taught my working theory. And then we perfected that theory over 30 years of a lot of investors doing a lot of what we do and getting better at it. Write more more information, More more education we've formulated end. Really? Pete, that idea of exactly what works. And what doesn't. So why would you want to go? Re invent the wheel and do that all over again? Doesn't make any sense to me at all Right. So where do I rationalized that That argument might have some Wherewithal to it because I've been dieting. Since I was 14 years old and I've never been able to successfully diet straight through entire time. In other words, this is a 12 Week Diet program. I can't go 12 weeks straight. What happened is I would break off my diet. Somewhere and and If you know anything about dieting that physiological is probably the right thing to do. Your body just can't go that deep without starting to deteriorate. So a binge now and then allows your body to come back to normal get his strength back. But the reality is is that that's a failure of that diet, Or is it in my argument is, it's really not a failure. You know, it's not a failure of that diet. Another one that you could argue is that it's been said that I drink too much alcohol by people. And I say you got okay, maybe I'll cut back. And I'll cut back for a week or two weeks. Sometimes I think the long cut back in that drink and I was like, three weeks, four weeks and then I'll decide to drink but I will decide. Okay. I want to do this. And you could look at that say it's a failure. Right? And I could say knows it was a Three or four weeks. Success. I did what I set out to do. But all things don't last forever. So this argument here can go Either way, however, you see it. He has an interesting when he talks about Abraham Lincoln, he says. Here's a gentleman that failed in business. A 21 was defeated for legislative race in 22 Field again in business a 20 for overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26. Had a nervous breakdown at age 27..

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