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As the masses. Try to flee from. Kabul prisoners have been released. Only five thousand prisoners were released. This is the video of it in the audio five nine thousand prisoners some of them al qaeda of the taliban and they were just released probably because of coverted i think. The taliban is concerned with the spread of vid in the prisons and wanted to find A you know some way to deal with it. And they looked to build the blasio and gavin newsom and they decided just to open up the prisons because of co vid. I'm sure nothing Will will go wrong there. Meanwhile the worst is happening. I wanna i wanna give you a story from the new york times now. Listen to how this story. You've seen the pictures you know. What's going on senator this. It was his first day. As the taliban appointed mayor of qaddus his name is goal mohammed. Elias he was on a charm offensive last sunday the insurgencies control of the city in northern afghanistan. Which is in shambles. After weeks of fighting power lines were down. Water supply powered by generators. Didn't reach most residents. Trash and rebel littered the the civil servants. Who could fix these problems. Were hiding at home. Terrified of the taliban's return. So the insurgent commander turned mayor summoned some to his new office and persuaded them to return to work. He said quote our jihad is not with you. In the minimus muncipality. Our jihad is against the occupiers. And those who defend the occupiers. Mr allies told the new york times by telephone but day by day as municipal offices stayed mostly empty. Mr elias grew more frustrated and his resume His rhetoric grew little harsher taliban fighters began going door to door searching for absentee civil workers. Hundreds of armed men set up checkpoints across the city at the entrance to the regional hospital. A new notice appeared on the wall. Employees must return to work or face punishment from the taliban just week after the fall of the city the first in a series of cities that the taliban seized with breathtaking speed the insurgents are now in effective control of all of afghanistan and they now must function is administrators that can provide basic services to hundreds of thousands of people and the experience of those in kunduz offers. A glimpse of how the taliban may govern and what may be in store for the rest of the country in just as the insurgents frustrated with their failed efforts to cajole civilians Civil servants back into work began instilling little terror according to the residents reached by telephone. I'm afraid because i don't know what will happen next. Or what they will do said one who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation by the taliban three days after the taliban took control of kunduz the civil a civil servant received a call from an insurgent fighter. Telling him to go to his office. The mayor of konduz wanted to speak with him. The mayor You invited mr omb Oh mark hill Who had been staying home. Since the retreat of the government forces as insurgents flooded into the streets in a sense of unease grip the battered city. He had experienced a similar moment twice. Before when the taliban briefly in two thousand fifteen and twenty sixteen sees the city both times the insurgents were pushed back with the help of american airstrikes but this time days after the taliban took control the entire afghan army corps charged with reclaiming the city surrendered to the insurgents. They handed over all their weapons and vehicles in a stark sign that they would not be rescued when he arrived at the municipal office to speak to the new mayor. The sprawling compound looked eerily untouched by war. But the new york times writes inside the building. He joined eight municipal employees. And mr elias. You know the new mayor. He introduced himself as the new mayor. A young man with a long beard. Mr allies assured them they would not be targeted by the taliban and instructed them to return to work to improve improve people's lives and morale schering his mobile number. He told them call. If you have any trouble. With the taliban fighters we've captured the city and now we can assure the people that we will provide the basic services. The mayor was quoted in another phone interview halfway through the meeting. Shopkeeper pleaded with the taliban bodyguard to see the air like hundreds of others his kiosk had been mostly destroyed by fire. During the taliban's final push he said shopkeepers fearing for what remained of their stores that they would be looted. One of the taliban's promise that they could return to the market to collect their things. Safely mayor complied. He even provided reimbursement for the taxi and bus fare that they spent on moving their goods for the rest of the day. The mayor met with other municipal leaders trying to get services restored at the state owned water and sewage corporation. He demanded that the water supply. Turn back on when a manager told him the power lines. Would i have to be repaired. He told the director of the electric electricity department to compel his employees to return at the local health department. The new taliban director of health delivered the same message to the hospital. Staff and insurgent fighters gave water to the health workers and offered five hundred afghanis around six dollars to each of the hospital guards to pay for a dinner that night. There was some good progress. Writes the new york times. Oh my gosh. I get a nobel prize for this. I've been thinking. I bet they got to win a pulitzer don't you think tina to leave in illinois. My right that article amazing. Isn't that amazing. I will say that the the times did writes pretty devastating things about this as well along with a lot of other mainstream media. I mean a lot of these headlines the atlantic this headline is biden. Betrayal of afghans will live in infamy. And there's a lot i think. Just how quickly and how terribly this has turned has even shaken some of the mainstream media people now of course. They'll probably come back eventually here. But i was surprised to see the even mainstream coverage being largely critical with the exception of course notably of what you just read which was pathetic The fecklessness this one is written by the bulwark dot com. I like this when the fecklessness is not limited to biden himself is wider administration is complicit state department spokesman. Ned price has conceded. The taliban is already committing more times but he warned them that if they continue. They be internationally isolated. Oh not into really internationally isolated boy. They're going to be cancelled culpability for the disaster rest on one other place they write the american people White house officials have privately reassured themselves by noting that polls show an overwhelming majority of americans support withdrawing the troops from afghanistan according to the hill so the biden teams fine reinsure reassurance. In the fact that most americans don't care about the risk of another nine eleven ethnic cleansing or the descr destruction.

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