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Jeanine Herbst mandatory evacuations have been ordered for beach side communities and mobile homes in many counties on Florida's Atlantic coast and here's Greg Allen reports after pounding the Bahamas hurricane Dorian is expected to stay off shore but still potentially bring high winds rain and storm surges to coastal communities in Florida evacuations already under way in Palm Beach and Martin counties other counties on Florida's coast will phase in evacuation orders as Dorian moves north Korean is expected to be a major hurricane as it passes by Florida on a track the governor Rhonda Sanders says leaves little margin for error even the track they keep that off the coast and ate like it's a hundred miles off the coast I make it to be about twenty five miles off the coast in some areas and so that's way too close for comfort the national hurricane center says on Dorian's current track parts of Florida's close will get hurricane force winds of forty seven foot storm surge as much as nine inches of rain in some places Greg Allen NPR news Miami South Carolina has also issued evacuation orders for some coastal communities starting tomorrow with lane reversals on several highways to help move people out at least seven people are dead another twenty two were injured yesterday after a gunman went on a shooting rampage in the West Texas towns of Midland and Odessa is Vicky Fogel from member station K. U. T. and Austin reports one of those wounded Saturday is a seventeen month old girl Texas governor Greg Abbott says he received a text message from the toddler's mother just ahead of a news conference I haven't read the text aloud in which the mother describes.

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