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Dot com come by and see us please drink responsibly your dress normally sold since we're talking about the sure would bedroom I assume you dress up like Robin Hood yeah me too I'm not doing goofy gimmicks anymore even though the sure would bedroom collection was inspired by Robin Hood wow I'm shocked what's shocking is the sure was beauty and functionality so clean and Polish the layer design in two tone color option gives it a truly unique clock who cares about the Robin Hood costume hanging in my closet what's important is that this bedroom is built to last solid wood and. action forever tied bed bracket and draw bombs you can stand on speaking of drawers did you know they make forest green tights in my size you're wearing them under your pants aren't you no no no okay yes the server would bedroom collection featuring a queen panel that little footboard six drawer dresser landscape Merrin three during night stand starting at just forty four thirty five and penny musters show rooms in Milwaukee and Chicago the monster dot com better versions of what people want. how do we find security in an uncertain world like gaining more knowledge or somehow getting on god's good side no doctor Michael Ziglar says there's a better way the one that god has made for us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ god draws us homeward to himself your doctor Ziglar's message this week on the Lutheran hour. Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty W.. internet radio he is eight six six ninety right I've for stalking the impeachment game every day now yeah so we find out what goes on here.

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