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Which is like mortal combat with cyborgs. At you know. I think you touched on something. That's important with pune movies. Which is if you hold them to any scrutiny. Or think about the plot for more than three seconds the whole thing. Just sort of disintegrates. But that's the magic of his films and it's almost like a big fuck you to the whole like cinema sins. Perfect narrative makes a great film. That type film people like fuck all that on. This is all about mood. And just just the unexpected and pure uncut entertainment. That's what you get from an our abune film but at the same time if you may. He may falter narrative lee and a lotta times. It's just big ideas. That aren't out for one reason or another. But i will be damned. If for some reason omega doom has some of the most impressive technical shit that i've seen pune do and there's there's just camera movements that he seems to insist on that blow my mind because i can't think of why he would make these decisions but it's incredible it's total like i dunno it. He's subverts all of your expectations as a viewer. So there's a scene where it's just like a back and forth shot reverse shot of rutger hauer talking to one of the matrix robot ladies but the camera is rotating around rutger hauer in one direction and then it kind of swoops in the opposite direction around the matrix. Lady hundred percent unnecessary but completely compelling and it adds all of this like weird motion and tension and importance to an otherwise completely mundane scene. It's fucking magical. Yeah i think the value of pune to me is is. We've all seen a bunch of genre films and honestly they're mostly interchangeable and the idea. Is that the plot is not known. Remember the plot. No one cares about a plot. It's ideas and the tone like you say. And and that's that's what we have. Is that on on knocker. Forget the tone of omega. Do even if i don't even remember the basic plot three minutes efforts over this movie like really crystallized a lot of stuff for me it. It leans into some of his best impulses in some of his worst in ways. It's one of my favorite little tv. Tropes subs- Things for Albert pune is he uses road signs as establishing Constantly and this one really highlighted that forbade because he focuses on this sign in the ruins. That just says.

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