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All right, this next question, there's several embedded in here. So I'm going to stop at the first question mark, and then after which it's going to be for Richard and after he answers, I will continue with the same questioner. He says I've been counting cards, I've been counting regular blackjack for three years now. I'm banned from every casino within ten hours of driving distance, except where I live. I play mostly unrated. I save local casinos by not counting there much, so I can still go in with friends and get food now and then. I have been working on Spanish 21 following Katarina walker's book. I'm ready for some real games now. Considering only profitability, do you think I should play Spanish 21 rated or not at the local casino? I'm always going to opt for playing unrated. You don't know what game what other games you might learn in the future. If they don't know you, don't tell them who you are. So there may be even better games that you learn somewhere down the road and you don't want your name to be out there. Okay. Centric was rather firm in that answer that skipped several of his next questions, but continuing with the same guy. I just want to add one thing. If you go back and you listen to just the blackjack episodes over the last couple of years, and we ask people often like, what do you wish you knew then that you know now? Almost all of them say, I wish I had never given up my name. I can't remember anybody. You said, boy, I'm really glad I used the players card. So some players do. Some? Well, of course, maybe a poker and slap players use players cards. Please do. Some blackjack players we've had on the show. Their strategy is to use Blair's card. And they think and they have their strategy so that they think they can get away with it. They think the comps they earn more than make up for it. Now I can't remember the name of such a player, but I'm sure that we've had even less couple years. Continuing with the Spanish 21 player. I'm a fairly ginner advantaged player. At one of my local casinos I have identified a few table games with a significant available edge. I would like to keep playing there for as long as possible unrated. How should a how should I approach a game like this when I see it? Should I just sit down?.

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