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By reading books to kids in from privilege households. Don't sit here. Tell me you're doing community service by mentor and kids who come from a single parent. Six figure household. They got different issues, bro. Period. Don't tell me that you hear and I'm and I'm I'm gonna take a shot at my own people. Don't tell you hit up. Love downtrodden humanity. Scared to go through it, bro. Backs. So y'all say about it bullshit. I'm fucking tired of it. I put in my work. I put in my time, you can check my resume, and you could check my social media friends lists and talk with some of the keys that I mentor that are still living who may not be living. If it wasn't for some of the mentor and things that we put in place. So I mean, I'm leaving. I'm fucking sick of it. And you got a problem. We it fight me. Run up. Don't they your name is Mr. let us move tastes fool. You call me spike free because I'm gonna hands go for free. And I'm gonna turn it into a movie, maybe like, John, we'll movie. John wick situation holiday aboard. Man. It's kinda sleepy man. I'm this all saying thing is exhausted. And that's why we call this kinda sleepy man. A lotta unions need to just go back to sleep. How about that? Because you out of your playing woke and I'm sticking. Shit recipes nipsy Russell, I mean is really fuck up my day. I'm sorry for his family. I'm sorry for his community. Because now like I mean, we're going out there this week. What does the community go from here, man? Like, I'm just sick of this shit. Duck. Like, I'm really sick. She seriously like, I'm really real life sick and shit. And I don't really I don't I don't really have a solution for it right now my head because I'm sitting here I'm sitting here so angry because was going to happen is you're gonna have black people. You talk about me we need to do some any go right back to doing the same. She was already doing. You know, we get upset for ten ten ten minutes about everything and then go back to to create the same conditions. It was already in. And you're gonna have these white folks like the UK Daily Mail us this to paint stereotypical picture of us. That isn't accurate isn't accurate. Like, I'm sick and shit. Like, I'm really realize sick at issue is why we catch from all sides now at the same time. My brothers ideal listening some of you may be listening. Somebody's yo motherfucking too. Stop aspiring to be a real nigga in stand up and be a real, man. How about this shit? Take your communities. Take you the people in house. Oh, take the people like you, say, protect your tribe. Right. When you start doing it because he's black on the front line. Let me not say that allow because y'all I'm trying to pander. Well, let's look at the reality of it. Black women started black lives matter. And while I agree with everything. Single point of the black lives matter platform at the same time. It was started by black women because they got tired of seeing black men gunned down the street by law enforcement. I'm just saying. So I mean, just for I'm tired. I'm I'm outta gas. Man. I'm fucking out of gas. And I need I need to go. Take a nap. I'm kinda sleepy for real now. Like, she just drained out the last little bit ahead and just that he and drink a fucking, boo. We pray for this. Beyond this place of Raton tears loons, but the horror of Tony's shade stop it and let the minutes of A the year. year. All right. We gotta hear man we'll catch out next week peas, he's. Bev? I..

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