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Masuku perry. He is now at the top. I know i know it's weird and it's tough you know scoring and how do you know with the setup that they have going. I mean they've had to adjust and they've done a good job. They're playing but you know he's at the top of the league the american hockey league so that's just not leading ontario. He's near the top acts and tom. Mclaughlin brought it up the other day like the flavor of the month. The new kids that are drafted the kelly avs and the turk- odds and all of these kids you know by field. They get all the pub because they're the newest the most recent now then you have got to. Campari was a pretty high pick himself. And now he's just coming off a knee injury little experience Know the depth is is starting to build. And that's that's what makes me a more positive looking forward than it. Has an it takes time. It takes time to get we dive into vis and a number of topics with rob lake's so without further ado. Let's let's dive right in. Here's our conversation with rob lick lakey. Thanks so much for joining us here. It's a pleasure to chat with. You and i know you got a busy schedule. So thanks for taking the time first of all. no problem. glad to join you guys. Were as we're taping this. We're we're in a good place right. Now teams won five straight. You know big picture wise like you know we're we're in a good place. I feel like at least what. What's what's your assessment of where we're at right now. The last few games. I think it's more of a complete game Tendencies early in the season. It wasn't a complete game You know the just kind of the flow of You know from the goaltenders to the defense to the fords. The movement of the pot the the executioners system and and again the power play has has gone up dramatically from last year at the early in the season. It just just from not i answer. It appears to me that of course when you go into any game you want to win the game but you're looking for more of a trend overall thing along with the winds correct. Yep yep i think that's what. We had focused last year in any side near the end of last season with the with the structure and the way they were able to win games. They relied heavily on on goaltending always structure in place And offense of a volume a shooting. And i think we've continued to that but again i think a little bit more. The offense is focused around the power play production this year but You know the execution of the system has really come here the last couple of weeks..

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