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Nine is our number joining us now is my good friend victoria codes victoria is the special assistant to the president she is the senior director for international negotiations the middle east directorate at the national security council monica it's great to get to talk to you such a pleasure well big announcement from president trump yesterday withdrawing the united states from the jcp away the joint comprehensive plan of action also known as the iran nuclear deal why did the president choose to withdraw well i mean he's been very clear signaling this really from the time he came into office that that he thought this deal with as you said a horrendous deal with very very poorly negotiated very bad deal for the united states but he's been very deliberate about it we've consulted with our allies obviously gotten the views of everyone in his administration signaled very clearly in january that that he found the deal intolerable for the united states gave everybody a period of time to try to fix it and when that didn't happen he withdrew and also this wasn't a precipitous decision i mean the president has been in office well over a year now so he took all of that time to evaluate the deal consult with allies as you said and that's why he he made a deliberate move what are the first immediate steps now on the part of the united states in terms of the reimposition of sanctions how fast will they kick in and how comprehensive will they be well we were prepared obviously for for the president to make whatever decision he was going to make so i think you'll see in pretty short order i think treasury already has their guidance up on their website so over the next i think ninety and then one hundred and eighty days we will be reimposing all the different layers of sanctions that were on before the jcp away to exert maximum pressure on the iranian regime that's what brought them to the table first place so think that that's going to be a very effective tool for the president victoria wood is anything can be done with our european allies who have been trading and investing in iran since the lifting of sanctions under president obama they are already pretty heavily invested financially in an economically in iran they would probably be a there's already been noise if they're going to be disinclined to.

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