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Everyone I'm eve and welcome back to this day in history class. A podcast asked where we unwrap a piece of history. Candy every day today is February first. Twenty twenty the day was February first. Nineteen ninety-two writer and activist Langston. Dan Hughes was born in Joplin Missouri. Hughes was an important figure in the Harlem Renaissance and he is considered a pioneer of modern black literature. Aw though it's long been believed that he was born in Nineteen. Oh two recent archival discoveries do suggest that he may have been born a year. Earlier Hughes Lineage was full of prominent and politically active people. His maternal grandmother's first husband Luis leary died in John. Brown's raid at harpers ferry grandfather. Charles Henry Langston was an abolitionist and one of the first black people to attend Oberlin College. His great uncle. The John Mercer Langston was the first Black Congressman from Virginia. The first president of Virginia State University and the First Dean of the law school at Harvard University versity and his grandmother frequently told him stories about their family history. His parents were James. Hughes and carry Langston Hughes was young. His father left the family and moved to Mexico and his parents divorced. His mother moved to different cities for work. As a result. Hugh's grandmother grandmother raised him in Lawrence Kansas though he lived with and visit his mother in some cities like Kansas City in Colorado Springs. Eventually he settled with his mother and stepfather and Lincoln Illinois. Then Cleveland Ohio by this time Hughes had already begun writing poetry. He went to High School School in Cleveland and there began delving into leftist literature in ideology took interest in the souls of black folk by W E B Two boys and studied the work of Paul. Laurence Dunbar Carl Sandberg Friedrich Nietzsche and other writers and he started publishing his poems Hughes wrote one of his most famous poems. The Negro speaks of rivers when he was a teenager on train to Mexico once he graduated high school. He spent a year in Mexico with his father father but he had a strained relationship with his father who considered black people inferior even though he was black and he urged Hughes to pursue a career. That was more practical than writing. But Hughes immersed himself more in his writing he moved to New York City attended Columbia. University took odd jobs. Jobs then dropped out of college. He traveled to Africa and Europe as a crewman and he lived in Paris for a while where he continued to write poems and fiction and learned more about Blues Jazz artists when he returned to the US he moved to Washington DC and took trips to Harlem where he met literary figures. It's like county colon and Jean toomer in nineteen twenty six alfred. A Knopf published his first book of poetry the weary blues in addition to poetry Hughes wrote novels short stories and plays in which he portrayed black American life in the nineteen twenties through nineteen sixties. His works include the simple tales which began as a regular column in the Chicago defender. A book of short stories called the ways of white folks and apply Cotton Lotto that ran on Broadway for more than a year. H- used it reading tours and he traveled throughout the Soviet Union and Asia. Riding a lot of fluffed his poetry he wrote prolifically and many people around the world supported his work but many others disliked his portrayals of everyday working class nice black people believing it was a disturbance to the race to display the less desirable aspects of black life and other critics thought. That Hughes didn't take a strong strong enough political stance in his work regardless Hughes became successful enough to live off of his writing and public lectures Hughes wrote up until his death in nineteen sixty seven. His ashes are beneath a floor. Medallion at the Sean Burke Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem. I'm Eve Steph coat and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. If you haven't gotten your fill of history yet you can find us on twitter facebook and instagram at Ti D. H.. Fee podcast. You can also email us at this day at Heart Media Dot Com. Thank you again for listening and we'll see you tomorrow for more podcasts. From iheartradio vis the iheartradio radio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Hi I'm Bobby Brown. Welcome to my podcast beyond the beauty. A new show. Oh from iheartradio. I'M GONNA be sitting down with different people each week that I think we can all learn from IHEART. 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