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You angry only got a phone call? Business coupon keeping moving. And he said he found it shocking. Upon his exit and there were phone calls from gentlemen, and from Eli manning, but he didn't hear from ownership said, quote, I didn't speak to know owners are nothing obviously I gave a hard eight years with the New York Giants won a Super Bowl there. And the only thing you get as a phone call. I wouldn't say I was hurt. But it was just shocking. You know what? I mean giants cone owner John Mary did try to reach out to Paul via text the day, the trade, but didn't hear back a source told Ron. It's interesting, man. The subject of text messages to in the NFL right now, Ben Rothlisberger. Sending a text message to Lebanon bell. Who recently departed asking you moves coming in saying, I wished him. Well, and then, of course, Ben Rothlisberger telling everybody he sent that text, which is likely a reason you don't respond to that text message. It's all very interesting. It all makes for a very angry defensive end trying to come in sack. You're much maligned aging quarterback behind an offensive line. That is certainly struggled this season from UI manning, probably looking at John Mayer like man, you could pay that man of visit to give them a phone call or something right in check that I got a cash. All right. Speaking of writing checks that people get cash themselves. Finally, we get to get to the most important news of the day. Mike Leach is somewhat of a hero of mine. Now that I've gotten a call college football games. One of my favorite things is encountering coaches. That are part of the air raid. Offense coaching tree did a game for SMU sunny. Dykes was a part of that Texas Tech staff with Mike Leach this weekend calling a game for Kansas state hosting Texas Tech cliff Kingsbury, obviously was a quarterback. I'm one of those Texas Tech teams with Mike Leach. And so you see the influence every one part of the influences, Mike Leach's eight unique character, and so what tends to come with the territory's. He gets asked a lot of really weird off the wall stuff, and he's not afraid to go there, which my favorite part about him. This was Mike Leach Washington state head coach top ten team in the country talking about the outcome and the potential ramifications of a Pac twelve coaches brawl or based on their players Carl would be I mean, those guys hitches ours. Anybody in the conference, let's see in good shape. Faceless. Herm Edwards is in great shape. They don't really care if they get ticked off because actually privately I think I would. But we're going to be more modest than that. I'm gonna say I'm going to save Cuyler for sure. Both in shave for why be simple this age. If you're in shape, you got a chance they're both in great shape. Endurance is more. So than biggest. Well, you got it. Now, if you stay away from you still be standing, I don't know maybe one of the distance runner looking guys. I don't know. I'd have to that's a tough question. Christobal oregon. You don't wanna get tied up with him. You don't wanna you? Don't want wanna let him get his hands on because he has big and he's got long levers. You don't want to get those things on. He would be dangerous. So there's no question. Formidable for sure..

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