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Was was really good. I mean that that is coaching right there. What you saw in terms of his mentality changing over the year. And I think the South Carolina game really turned things for him. I think he realized what this can be my team. I don't have to just be a placeholder until they find their quarterback that they recruited I can be the guy here. And so we'll see if he can hold off a challenge from Emory Jones because my guess is Jones will be given every opportunity to win the starting job in the spring practice in preseason camp. But I think now that's going to be more competition how far away with whoever behind center, whether it's Jones or bay Franks. Are they from Georgia though? That's the measuring stick that is the measuring stick in. I don't know if it's that side of the ball that you need to worry about as much strange again when we're talking about Florida, but they're they're defensive recruiting. Was it tailed off so much under mcelwain that they're very thin on that side of the ball. You saw it last year. Like when Marco Wilson went down. They're not as remember how deep they were. When must champ was Nickelback forgetting players. Yeah. It was crazy. So. They're not they're they gotta get back to that. And that's something. I think they can do I think the staff is capable of recruiting that way and building that depth. But that's not something that happens in one year. So they they are going to be very dependent on good injury luck defensively to to stay afloat. It will get hard for them. If they have a few key injuries, especially in the secondary. And if they can if they can get through this year, I think then they'll be more toward the depth lovely need to be at. We're it'll be more, you know, more normal for top SEC team where if you lose a guy. Okay, it's it stinks. You lost a guy? But there's another guy who's pretty capable behind him. All sounds reasonable one four ten eleven twelve fourteen. All right. Let's go to fourteen. Let's go fourteen pig. Oh, see. But I didn't do that. I didn't I went against expectation. It's not in order of finish is not an order of finish. We're going to Mizzou. I'm glad we are. Because we just mentioned them as being due to beat somebody interesting and big, and they did there's a good case be made that berry Odem is the ultimate second half. Coach after his two seasons just dominating late October and November every first time every young writer when they're writing their first few games stories does their tale of two cities lead. Yes, very autumn's. Captain taylor. Two cities lead. Very Odem shows up to give the the book report without having read the book, and he's like well, there were two cities. There was a very grand tale that you know, had a number of themes man versus mad, but it's almost like someone is feeding in the book as he goes. And by the time, he finishes. He's an expert. This is true. And I guess the only parallel to be drawn here is the end of the Kentucky game being just a total mess and not at all Mizzou's faults. So they finished the season winning five six in a row is is there actual momentum's? No, they recruited all things considered pretty well, not for SE standards. But I think that's a top thirtyish recruiting class right now. Is there in your mind and ability for Mizzou, not to obviously get back to winning the SEC necessarily, but sort of being that second tier in the SEC consistently. Well, yeah, I mean they have a quarterback right now they have Kelly Bryant. So we know what Kelly Bryant can do. And you know, if you put Kelly Ryan against Alabama, you might have an issue, but against teams in the SEC east sands Georgia, maybe there they can win. So, you know, they get they get West Virginia, west Virginia's probably not going to be what they were while they're definitely not going to be whether we're last year, you know, I'd be more. It's funny because they were gonna play Neil Brown one way or the other like if Neil Brown were still at Troy I'd be picking Troy to win that game in Columbia, Missouri next year, but he's not at Troy anymore. And now, I'm picking around a loose in Columbia, Missouri with West Virginia as strange as that's ounce, but. No, I think they have a manageable schedule..

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