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Just be simple goddesses everybody thanks for hanging out with us jon bream in his review of pink or maybe it was ross realize in his review pink said demi levato and some other people in katy perry and a couple of other people can take lesson and a page out of pink's book as far as how are you perry you know she we liked to be bitter for a while she played nineteen songs at her witness tour and eleven of them were for witness that nobody knew when katy perry has a deep catalogue of me she had three great albums here's a lot of songs made pink is a little bit deeper peril that was so painful that show went on and on forever because it was like god here's another thing we don't know i know but i'm going crazy because i said so envelope before you do that donnie james corden recreated a wrinkle in time with does that so that's posted if we're gonna take seventh caller we've got movie passes for midnight run which is apron that's another starring bella thorne and patrick schwarzenegger a week from wednesday march twenty first at showplace icon at seven six four one one zero seven one and they were in here last i forgot all about this okay tell me everything is unbelievable and he had the most amazing manners how old is he twenty three twenty four he's beautiful then he date taylor swift and i asked him after the show is over because it was i wanted to get down and dirty with some of the questions they each had like a manager pablo says people in here well at a million people looking at me through the glass the other side is like china you know but i asked him after we were off the air i said so did you really day taylor swift he goes why don't know if you could call it dating which i just took to mean hooked up.

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