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Number nine Notre Dame takes the opener the twenty nineteen slate thirty five to seventeen over the local cardinals Notre Dame is now eight into an openers under head coach Brian Kelly Jo while back the here inside of our network studios right here is free joins us one final time from cardinal stadium in a right as will be the case for every game quarterback in book will be a big part of the story and if Notre Dame is going to get back to the college football playoff they're gonna need him to be a game changer what did you like from him in the second half of this game. I like how it developed as weapons if you even know Tommy trouble to the third quarter right I mean you you know you're going to all these guys who who's now at all yeah you know you Jimmy Smith and all these were no he didn't know that your Smith was there he didn't know the C. before Mr was going to be able to contribute he didn't know Tommy trouble was able to perform under the lights I mean these are all questions that he had indeed now known so expect him to come back in the next game and understand his weapons understand how coach wants to use them and listen Chris big barely has an impact on this game as one of his favorite target so continue to believe in the evolution of your book and also believe that the book now has film on him teams are going to find out where he is is weakest and try and force him into those positions and this is the territory comes you want to be a quarterback of top five power five conference team this is what it looks like the pressures on all the time you book finishes fourteen of twenty three for a touchdown passing in and a hundred and ninety three yards passing overall on as we know the big games of the scheduled or Georgia and Michigan obviously Stanford as well Georgia's coming up later this month what would you like to see from book in The New Mexico game coming up in twelve days you want to see him go you know twenty for twenty two four or fourteen for seventeen but knowing coach Kelly in these moments of past games he really works on he still drawn entire game plan to try and develop an aspect of your books game that he didn't succeed and well the good thing is gonna see guest New Mexico you have the opportunity to get to you know a lot of these teammates of his so I expect them to route to throw it consistently and even though the mix in the run because of the dynamic ability Tony Jones knew what he have thirteen cares and a hundred ten yards and that's unbelievable almost a ten yard clip for Kerry and so you can you'll have to rest on that you still get those reps but make no mistake it from the office to coaching staff I want to see more of your books comfort ability with some of these key weapons that are still new to him and new to the Norden often had. Tony Jones junior was crazy at a hundred and twelve yards on the ground a touchdown junior Smith with two touchdowns in this ballgame Notre Dame as a whole and four rushing touchdowns in book at the other one will that game against the university of New Mexico will be the home opener for Notre Dame it's coming up on September fourteenth kick off is set for two thirty PM eastern time and you can catch her pregame coverage starting at one thirty PM eastern time along the Notre Dame radio network I ride I've done the math it's been two hundred and eighty three days since you've been able to light up a victory cigars that brings a smile to my face knowing that you can do it again I tell you what brother packed and ready selected and I've even got all Burmeister on board and we got the victory cigars I think you can talk you can smoke indoors will test the. please let me know all right right joy the dog the twelve days go Irish all right Notre Dame Wednesday night thirty five to seventeen over Lobel coming up next we'll bring you all the highlights from tonight's game now this word from coca Cola. this.

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