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NPR news I'm David green in Culver city California and I'm Steve Inskeep in Washington DC good morning the house has formally approved an impeachment inquiry focused on president trump it was very nearly a party line vote it establishes a process to make the inquiry more public people investigators have interviewed in private may be interviewed again at hearings seen on TV the White House we should recall has not disputed the facts found in testimony and documents for the most part president trump did ask you cranes president to investigate Democrats including his political rival Joe Biden the president instead argues that his conduct was quote perfect and that the investigation is unfair Hogan Gidley as Deputy Assistant to the president in the White House principal deputies press secretary he's on the phone good morning Sir good morning does the house vote in the process has now been set up for public hearings make this process any more fair well two things first let me start off with the premise out right which is completely incorrect the president was talking to president elect give out correct it is not the link you ran on and one on looting out corruption in Ukraine it's a worldwide fact everyone knows that Ukraine was a corrupt country that's why the Lynskey was able to win so easily the present was simply talking to him about the corruption use of the term to make sure justice Mr Gidley I wanna make sure we're clear on this you said the premise was incorrect I've just been reading again the transcript of the caller not a transcript the record of the call the president asks about a couple of specific things one is a conspiracy theory involving crowd size crowd striking a Democratic National Committee server the other involves Joe Biden and a son hunter Biden those are the only things the president asked about of all the possible corruption the only things the president asked about do you disagree that the president last year lance president on okay let's talk about where his political rivals for twenty twenty everyone in the world and forgive me but I'm old enough to remember when Democrats actually cared about what happened the twenty sixteen election that's what he was talking about and quite frankly this is what the president ran on in one on one and that is making sure that the money we give these countries these hundreds of millions of dollars are actually spent wisely now I understand Democrats don't care about how we spend taxpayer dollars at home much less abroad but this president does let me just to the impeachment vote I think we should move there well let me go head straight way to Hogan we've got a we've got a corrected fact here you said the president did not ask about a twenty twenty rival the record of the call the White House record the called the record you released says that president trump asked about Joe Biden so that is totally false what you just said why do you say that falls thing it in relation to the twenty sixteen corruption he wasn't talking about twenty twenty and you and your listeners know that what I was fighting involved with the crowd strike thing exactly if you're talking about the twenty sixteen election and you're talking about the corruption is it related to Ukraine you talk about the person who dealt with Ukraine that was killed by I'm sorry but running for president doesn't insulate you from any criticism or any investigations only true let's go on to your question about the process now because you want to make a point about the process and whether it's more fair right it's not what the Democrats here have done age he's run a sham impeachment process all behind closed doors without any sunlight whatsoever selectively leaking pieces of information without full testimony to try in building narrative moving into the second round the vote yesterday except say we're gonna make portions of the next part public after we've already tried to tie dye your hands down your feet blindfold you put in a closet and beat you senseless they were just got take the blindfold off around two round three is organized taken from the Judiciary Committee and we expect though that you're gonna be bloodied up enough where it won't matter the problem is who they're fighting against the Donald Trump is gonna stand up around three fight back yeah it's interesting I think Democrats would characterize it differently but there is an element of truth in what you said that they would have to admit which is that they've just taken a bunch of testimony in these private hearings and they're going to call those witnesses back in public and expect them to stand behind those stories which we which we largely now is that going to make it challenging to defend the president in public right and face cross examination and face after a public at this union private I agree so so do you do you do you think that there's going to be difficulty defending that case given that so much of it is already on the record no because you're only hearing you know selective pieces of one portion and then also yesterday for example I think you're doing a private is beginning to backfire their reports Mister Morrison testimony was that he felt the present had done nothing wrong nothing illegal so they're all types of things coming out of these hearings and and you're kind of making not white which is a nice for the American people to get to see this out in the open and in public if you get a parking ticket your afforded due process you can confront the policeman who gave it to you you can talk to the judge about it you can submit evidence you can ask questions although although as you know the police might investigate that in private first then you get a trial which could be coming who knows how can get Lee thanks so much really appreciate it thanks for the time he's Deputy Assistant to the president and NPR White House reporter Asia Roscoe as been listening and what struck you there well I I think we we got a a a glimpse of what the White House strategy is on this this idea that everything goes back to twenty sixteen and he did not specifically say president trump on that call with the Ukrainian president didn't say I want you to investigate my twenty twenty rival I'm the man is a twenty twenty rival that's all down but he didn't say I want you to do this for twenty twenty and that's kind of what White House adviser kellyanne Conway was saying yesterday he did not specifically say it I am but I I think what Democrats and what others are saying is that just the very fact that he was asking for this investigation and at the same time holding up aid that that looks like pressure to them and we should remember that even though this Tim Morrison of that national security council did say yesterday or we know in his opening statement that he didn't think anything illegal happens there are other officials who say that they were very concerned by that call and peers Asia Roscoe thanks so much thank you one mainstay of presidential campaigns is the cattle calls these big events that feature speeches from the candidates one right after another and there is one tonight in Iowa it's the mother of them all it is called the liberty and justice celebration and it's known for its maker break moments fourteen Democrats are gonna take the stage in the morning with three months until the Iowa caucuses the candidates are all looking for a big breakout moment I will public radio has a podcast called caucus land and here are the co hosts clay masters and Kate Payne I was liberty and justice celebration is a fundraiser but unlike any other cattle calls it's also a spectacle that's Katy Perry rallying Hillary Clinton supporters four years ago for decades it's been a chance for candidates to show off the event used to be called the Jefferson Jackson dinner but it's been renamed as the Democratic Party has shifted staffers race each other to hang the most campaign signs in the arena the pre dinner rallies spill into the streets John legend to perform for Barack Obama in two thousand seven this year entrepreneur Andrew Yang has booked Weezer once the program begins candidates give big fiery speeches in an arena filled with thousands of Democrats in nineteen ninety nine Al Gore challenged his main opponent bill Bradley to weekly debates what will if we lose you stand up in one of your used candidates pull it off they can write that energy all the way to caucus night university of northern Iowa political science professor Donna Hoffman says campaigns understand they need to give the performance of their careers this is a good test for campaign in terms of their own organization but also in terms of a where they stand with their most fervent supporters the activists of the Democratic Party in the state but perhaps the most pivotal performance came in two thousand seven hundred that year then senator Barack Obama need this event about so much more than the speech Obama and his wife Michelle danced with the drum line in the streets of downtown des Moines supporters chanted and marched into the arena that night six candidates gave speeches but Obama was facing off against the apparent front runner Hillary Clinton at that point in the race Clinton had a commanding lead over a bomber and she was focused on the general election America is done with the Republicans and their failed policies and their refusal to the future that we deserve Obama spoke last night when he walked out onto the stage it was the culmination of months of organizing across the state that night he gave a speech that is still seen as one of the defining moments of his career I don't want to red America against blue America I want to be the president of the United States of America Obama went on to win the Iowa caucus in the presidency I would democratic consultant Jeff link was in the crowd that night he says it was clear that Obama understood the political moment that evening flipped the script on on on the rest of that caucus and I think the Clinton campaign sort of stalled out from that moment forward and Obama left the room with a ton of energy and that that momentum really carried through caucus night Obama showed he had the organization to make it to the White House that's what's at stake this year to humanize Donna Hoffman says it's do or die for the mid and lower tier candidates and she says former vice president Joe Biden has the most to lose he's going to want to give the speech of his life if he's going to continue to be in that top tier in the state but the same Mr Sanders the same is true of warm the same is true with a judge and so the pressure's really on those top tier candidates in particular and three minds Iowans will head into the cold to meet with their neighbors and community centers and high school gyms to caucus and tonight these current campaigns are hoping to show off an operation that can change the course of political history for NPR news I'm Kate Payne and I'm clay masters in the morning it's NPR news and I'm Richard Hage on WNYC in New York good morning happy Friday at seven nineteen currently in Central Park forty six degrees with clear skies stay tuned coming up physical files in an excerpt from her upcoming veterans day special shell shock nineteen nineteen W. NYC Serra Fishkill reflects on art and culture during and after World War one people look back to act as things are marvelous PA romantic and all eyes were like no it was very tense was very bitter and there was no humor that's physical files coming up WNYC is supported by emblem health a nonprofit health plan addressing the social determinants of health in New York communities through emblem health neighborhood care and its partnership with city block health learn more.

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