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This is world cafe. Iran address music can transport you and in the case of the bandit doug res- it can transport you to many different places and times all at once you may remember doug res- from when we featured them on the show a few years back during our sense of place trip to paris. They're based in france but their lyrics are mostly sung in krill and they tell stories both lyrically and musically that are informed by lead singer pascal. Danny's family history. His ancestors were enslaved on the french. Caribbean island of guadeloupe and the band is named after louis. Grays who led the fight against the reinstitution of slavery there in eighteen. O to that island guadeloupe is where your musical journey begins today with a live recording of the title track of their new album cut at matan or an english for. Am starting off this mini concert from dow gress. This song is about hard working. People from guadeloupe made their way france. Back in the sixties. My father was one of them. Frame thought power new job football. This song is about sticking together through hard times. it's cold aaliyah. Listen you are listening to a world. Cafe mini concert with dell says. This song is called. Just vote for me. I know that. I know that you fast that on get on don't they. This song is about these people crossing borders crossing sees on need. Get a better life. And it's called a cease which means enough enough. You just heard. A mini concert recorded live by dell says that last song was called essay essay translates to enough enough and that song along with all the others. You heard them play on their new album for. Am or cut. Ed matan thank you. So much to digress for that performance. I'm raina as with more music coming up in just a minute. Here unrolled cafe..

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