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Most complex stories of the day and giving you the context on why they matter today today the House Intelligence Committee and the country's top intelligence official are digging it out over mysterious whistleblower can elaine then protesters protesters against the Russian government had been gaining Steve and the arrest of a film after their has mobilized even more backlash on stage and finally we had to the mall the National National Mall. We're here to make your evening smarter. Let's skim this. The most complicated story today is about a whistle blower in Washington right now. The head of the House Intelligence Committee and the Acting Director of national intelligence are in a standoff over a mysterious mysterious whistleblower complaint made last month. We don't have many details on what this complaint was about but the Washington Post is reporting that it has to do with a promise president trump trump allegedly made to a foreign leader but other news outlets are saying the complaint was about more than just one convoy trump hat. There is still a lot of unanswered questions and surrounding this whole case so today we're going to get into the legal protections for whistleblowers why this complaint is getting so much attention and where things go from here. Let's get into do it starting with a definition. A whistle blower is any person who alerts a higher up to wrongdoing at a company or in the government ah a few decades ago. Congress decided that whistleblower should have some cover if they flag any shady actions so in one thousand nine hundred nine. Congress passed the whistleblower Lower Protection Act to make sure that federal government employees won't face retaliation for whistleblowing but that law excluded employees who work in the intelligence community think DOC FBI CIA National Security Agency Congress said we don't want to protect you if you leak classified national security information so in one thousand nine hundred eight. Congress passed sort of affects the intelligence community whistleblower protection act so people in the Intel community could at least blow the whistle to to Congress without blowing the lid off classified information in two thousand ten Congress created an intelligence community inspector general or I G to look into whistleblower complaints coming from within the Intel community which brings us back to the complaint. We're hearing a lot about today. Reportedly a member of the intelligence community any heard about something that made them easy. We don't know what it is but again the Washington Post says the whistle blower claim to say trump made some kind of promised this to a foreign leader during a phone call they decided something sketchy was going on and filed a complaint that was last month the New York Times and CNN cites eight sources saying the complaints about more than just one phone call. It's about multiple actions but what those actions were is still not clear so why complain getting so much attention today because now the head of the House Intelligence Committee Congressman Adam Schiff knows about it and wants details. He says that the whistle blower wanted the info to get to Congress. See by law the whistle blowers complaint sets it's off a chain of events whistle blowers in the intelligence community have to send their complaint to the I g then the idea has say yeah. This is a big deal or or not if it's big he sends it to the Director of National Intelligence Schiff says the I g use the words credible and urgent so he passed it onto the deny the deny is then supposed to forward whistleblower complaints to the House and Senate intelligence committees within a week of getting one but the acting DNA Joseph Maguire didn't do that when the I g realize the complaint wasn't getting run up the flagpole he apparently went around the DNA and send a letter directly directly to those committees like heads up. You should know about this thing shifts sent a letter to the DNA essentially saying W. T.F. Why didn't you tells tells about this shift said he wondered if the complaint was being purposefully concealed last Friday he issued a subpoena telling McGuire either hand over the complaint or come talk to my committee in a public hearing. So where do we go from here. I it looks like acting director. McGuire decided to go with door number two. He is expected to testify in a public hearing next Thursday but the House Intel Committee didn't want to wait for deeds today behind closed doors they heard from the I g the guy who went around the DNA. He reportedly didn't share the full contents of the complaint but according to some reports he says it wasn't just about one instance and he wouldn't save this complaint was even about the President Committee chair ships spoke after the briefing and said they're still determined to get to the bottom of it. This shows how someone is trying to manipulate the system to keep information about an urgent matter from the contemplating like we said there's a lot about this complaint that we don't know like who made it in the first place which foreign leader trump allegedly spoke to and what he may or may not have promised us to that person but reporters are playing their own version of guests who the Washington Post reports that according to White House records trump had interacted with at least by foreign leaders leaders in the weeks before the complaint including Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong UN also in the mix the prime ministers of Pakistan and the Netherlands ends and the Emir of Qatar to be clear. It's normal presidents to chat with foreign leaders. That's kind of what what it means to be president. What's weird is the alleged promise and that the whistleblower complaint didn't go through the usual channels this afternoon. CNN is reporting according to the White House and the DOJ were apparently involved in the decision to not tell Congress about the complaint but so far they're the only ones reporting that so what the skin while Congress tries to get to the bottom of what the complaint is about and why it's taken so long to get to them. Trump is trying to throw water are on the whole thing this morning. He tweeted that the story is fake news and asked quote. Is Anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader meanwhile the question of what's in the complaint and why didn't go through the usual channels to make it to Congress and whether it's even a legit thing those are still not be but expect there to be a lot of back and forth on that between the trump administration and Congress uh coming up actors in Russia are getting creative after this summer's pro democracy protests more on that after the break so you like to listen to skim this on your way home from work which is great because we love being your commute buddy but if you're looking for more from the skin we've got you covered enter the skim APP. It has everything the skin has to offer kind of like our one. Stop shop wake up with the news. You need to start your day. Get a five minute. Read for your lunch break. Check out our weekly deep dives on everything from marijuana legalization to the student loan crisis and at five PM Eastern listened to that day's episode of Skim this it right on the APP to download search the skin. That's with two M's in your apple APP store or Google play happy skimming the next. Let's head now to Russia where anti-government protesters could be gaining momentum after a pretty cruel summer. Russian Russian opposition parties basically people who aren't thrilled about President Vladimir Putin's power trip wanted to compete in Moscow city council elections this month but in July election officials in Moscow locked some top opposition candidates from running claiming they didn't collect enough signatures to get on the ballot doc thousands of people took to the streets in protest and that really angered the Russian government big-name position leader. Alexei navalny was among those those arrested after that protest for planning to lead what a spokesperson said. We're unauthorized demonstrations the following weekend his arrest in the continued crackdown only made things things worse and protests and arrests went on one of the people thrown in jail was a young actor named Paul Loosen up and on Monday. He was sentenced to more than three years in prison for allegedly dislocating a police officer shoulder during those protests video. Saddam's arrest appears to show him being tackled by police after just walking through public square looking at his phone. The judge wouldn't let the video be used as evidence in court even though it showed that he didn't do anything which fueled allegations that case against Ustinov wasn't fair. We should mention some people say that as protesters. There's are being sent to jail instances police using excessive force. This summer aren't even being investigated so tensions over that are already brewing but Ustinov sentencing sentencing this week sparked a surprisingly large and creative backlash according to the New York Times one of Ustinov's actor pals conveniently named Alexander Pal while posted a video calling on others to join a virtual flash mob in support of the actor that I need to finish up pretty soon more and more actors posted their own and videos towards Alexi Navales team is keeping track of all these videos they say the videos show actors making their case onstage during curtain calls after some recent performances today those clever protests could be paying off government prosecutors reportedly now want Ustinov released on bail because of the public outcry and a Moscow court says we'll consider it tomorrow. WPRO protesters calling fair elections in Russia's still face major hurdles because it's difficult to get the Russian government to change course on much of anything but but these actors have found a new way to speak out literally on stage.

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