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Was responsible for a whole whole bunch of different things and a lot of step was on my plate and to be honest I felt a little overwhelmed but God was so good to give me the strength to complete all of those responsibilities and yet afterwards. I just felt like a hit a wall. Have you ever had that happen like just <hes> things are going great but then Bam there you are and you don't quite know how to get over it or under it or around it. All you know is that you feel a little bit stock in I had still had some really important things that I needed to get some forward movement on but I it was like I was slogging through wet cement and I just couldn't get any forward forward momentum. You know sometimes discouragement stops small and it's just kind of that niggling thing and we're able to distract ourselves with business but if we don't if we don't deal with that discouragement sometimes it can start to grow until it's like a heavy cloud. The dictionary defines discouragement as a loss of confidence or enthusiasm and boy. Did I feel that during that time I think all of us have those times in maybe even today's Today's one of those loss of confidence and you don't feel too enthusiastic sort of days. What do we do well? I was reminded of David and the story that's told in I Samuel thirty he and his mighty man had experienced a great victory for when they got back to their village they found it destroyed and all of their children and wives stolen by raiders. The men were so upset so overwhelmed with grief and anger in discouragment that they actually talked of Tony David. You know I try to put myself in the place of David I. I think that I would have been a little bit upset with them. After all. I've done for those guys they were turning on me. I mean he was dealing with his <music> own discouragement his own grief though owned heaviness of responsibility of this terrible tragedy I love what bursts six tells us but David strengthened himself in the Lord and I oh I think that's what you and I need to do on those days where there's just a little bit of discouragement in on those days when we have hit a wall of discouragement that just has left us fallen flat. We need to number one get alone with God. I think that that's how David strengthened himself in the Lord. I found that it's really hard to strengthen myself in the Lord in the middle of life. I need to get a loan with him and then I need to pour my heart out to him. I guess what you guys he can handle. He can handle it. He can handle our pain and our confusion our frustration and fear even our anger he can handle all our questions but we can't and if we keep all of that bottled up inside if we don't pour it out him it's GonNa come out. Sideways girls and it's not gonNA be pretty. I think that I could probably say that from experience. Discouragement bottled up will come out in some sort of negative way so get alone with God but the number to invite God into the equation you know. I think a lot of my discouragment comes from the fact that I believe the lie that I'm all alone and it's all up to me. I have to figure out I have to figure it out. There's no one to help me in. No wonder I'm overwhelmed discouraged because here's the deal my wisdom Kim. My strength is limited but the good news is this God strength and wisdom isn't and he invites us in James One twenty two to ask him for wisdom. The Bible says if anyone lacks wisdom he should ask God God who gives generously to all in the listen to this part without finding fault in other words. He doesn't say hey listen girl. I gave you wisdom yesterday and you totally ignored it no wisdom for you. He's she's not like that instead. He invites us to come to him and ask him for wisdom. In James went twenty two promises it will be given him. I've found that when I get alone with God and invite him into to the equation pouring out my heart to him something happened so beautiful it's as though he helps me to step back from the situation and begin to have the perspective that I need his perspective. I love this graphic that I I saw on facebook. Last year. It was a picture of a ruler or a scale of some sort on the left side and then these words said how big is your problem on a scale from zero to God you know when. And we bring God into the equation and we begin to get his perspective. We see what looks like an impassable obstacle to us is really an opportunity to go deeper with Jesus and to see him move in our lives in ways that we've never experienced before so get alone with God invite God into the equation in the number three declare what you know not what you feel. Oh my goodness you guys. I am a big feeling girl. I tell you what I am constantly dealing with my emotions and if I'm not careful I can I can get caught in the cycle of negative self-talk nursing in rehearsing my my issues and my inabilities my fear and learning that I need to give myself a good talking to emphasis on good kind of like David did when he said why so downcast Oh my soul put your hope P- in God it sounds kind of silly but the Lord has been having me do something a little unusual the last couple of weeks he's challenged me to look in the mirror and speak words of life over myself rather rather than words of death words like you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength Joanna. Oh Joanna he will never leave you or forsake youth. The Lord is your Helper Joanna. You don't need to be afraid in something. Beautiful happens. It's as though that darkness is pushed back in an I find myself standing up a little straighter in feeling a little stronger all because I've declared what I know rather than what I feel number four do the next right thing. Remember our podcast episode with Emily Freeman. I think it's <hes> episode three where she encouraged us to do the next right thing in love. I think so many times when I'm discouraged I get so focused on what I can't do. I miss what I can do so want to encourage you. Look at what's in front of you. You may not be able to accomplish that thing that task that. Net is out of reach right now but there are things that you can do right now. Maybe maybe you need to get out of your bedroom and out from underneath the sheets in go visit a friend of maybe you need to go for a walk or wash. Some dishes break the inertia and the feeling of sickness by doing something do what you can do in the entrust guide to do the rest in finally. I'd like to encourage you to take courage. Take courage because what is discouragement except really a loss of courage. We had it at one time but now it's gone. It feels like the bottom of our hope has fallen out in everything looks black in our inspiration has gone and we don't know if it will ever come back couple of weeks ago my friend to Nokia sent me this conversation that she'd had with God on a text message. It said this I said Lord Lord give me courage. He said take courage. I've already given it oh well. I'll tell you what those words just. Kinda hit me like a two by four up against the head because I had been doing exactly the opposite. I've been asking to help me. I've been pleading I ranked rather than reaching out and accepting what Jesus has already given in John Sixteen thirty three Jesus tells us in the world you will you'll have tribulation but take courage. I have overcome the world while discouragment paralyzes US courage helps us take the next step. Even though nothing in our situation may have changed changed when we take courage we change and girls it's right there. I want you to imagine Jesus just with his hands outstretched with courage with strength wisdom with everything you need for your situation wasted. He's extending it to you and he's saying take it's yours. We're going to have those terrible horrible. No good very bad days every single one of us if you haven't had one lately it's come in my friend but. Rather than giving in to the discouragement I would encourage you to get alone with God invite him into the equation. Declare what you know not what your feel do the next right thing and then take the courage that he offers what if David hadn't strengthened himself in the Lord that day what if he'd given into the anger or given into the grief what if he'd given into despair I didn't realize this but first Samuel thirty and and that whole story of the raiders took place just a few days before saw died in battle in David was crowned King sometimes our greatest discouragements come before our greatest victories and that's why it's so important to push through discouragment with the Lord's help and refused to give into hopelessness and despair Joshua one nine is one of my favorite verses. It's my son Joshua's favourite versus as well. God says these words to Joshua when he was feeling discouraged. The immense task of leaving God's people after Moses died got said to him have not commanded you be strong. Encourages do not be terrified. Do not be discouraged for the Lord. Your God will be with you wherever you go and I want you to take those words to heart today. Jesus is right right here with you. He's holding your hand. He's going to lead you. He's going to give you the wisdom you need. Don't walk this day alone. Invite cheeses to walk it with you well. I hope that's been encouraging to you I now I needed to hear those things again today. Because life can be difficult but we have a mighty mighty guide who's not only willing to give us the strength and wisdom we need but he's willing to give us the courage we I need to do the brave thing the hard thing even if the bravest and hardest thing we do is getting out of bed. I love you Fran. I'm just so grateful that you're tuning into these podcasts. It means so much to have you leave comments on facebook and at the blog as well as leaving reviews on itunes in means a lot if you're not part of our private facebook group the Living Room I'd love to have you join us. Just go to facebook dot..

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