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And medical staff and the Country, and so it gave them some reprieve while their kids you know, wore away, But as you know, it's The cancer diagnosis. We see it firsthand about on a daily basis. It totally shakes up the family's life. You know how they carry on as a family, how they work their daily activities and Knowing that their kids have safe platforms to to attend and and be kids. Whether that be through the camps to the arts programs at Texas Children's Hospital or You are survivors, socials and retreats. It's just a really safe. Community of healing is what we refer to periwinkle. It's not only about the patients, the families, it's the volunteers. It's the doctors, the nurses all coming together to provide community healing for these kids, because that's what they need best when they're when they're going through their cancer treatment. You can go to Perry Winkle foundation dot org. Perry Winkle foundation dot org Get all the information you need about these camps. The Perry Winkle Foundation is one of the nonprofits in Houston, which didn't skip a beat the city closed down for the pandemic. But Perry Winkle Foundation, then closed down. They just changed their business model. Basically and Doug, that's pretty fair to say right. You actually did change your business model. You you're going to come back and use the same one, but it has been improved by the organization, putting a lot of These activities online and want you be continuing some of these online camps. How does that work by the way? Yeah. Without a doubt. It was definitely 2020 was a transition for us. And I will see we can't see enough about the volunteers and the board of directors and staff members who rallied together and Immediately started transitioning planning and transitioning programs into virtual formats. And from the camp Perry Winkle, the periwinkle. They can, uh Fall camp yellow. We were able to provide meaningful activities and getaways for these kids and families at Texas Children's Hospital. There are numerous programs that have been implemented these new, innovative programs and they're reaching kids that we would have not. Typically reach given our traditional in person programming model. And.

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