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Welcome back, if you're just tuning in, you miss, Johnny. Oh, that's right. I've got the rainmaker with me today. Jacobsen is out on a sign in DC. Maybe he's in Baltimore. I don't know. I know he's teaching a class somewhere. He's probably a good time. Hopefully, you staying warm but today with me on the show. I have John O'Donnell, which is awesome. We just had a great segment where John was actually able to spend a little bit of time. We're talking about multiple directions inside of the market as far as how to generate consistent income, whether the markets are going up whether the markets are going down. What was that third direction? John sideways rather than markets are going sideways. If you're just tuning in. Maybe your first time listener, maybe you've been with us for the whole show get excited. The best is yet to come. And John a lot of our listeners are looking to replace their income with trading and investing and a lot are looking to upgrade the lifestyle right where it's almost time for those New Year's resolutions. Right. And some are just looking to supplement their income, and I've even had students come out to half day class. I'm sure you've had this before too. You've taught a ton of them and they'd come out. And they said, you know, their goal is to fire their boss, and really when I hear somebody say that I just think that means they want to really be one hundred percent in control of their their choices and their time in life. Now, what are some of the things when you're out at a half day class, or when you're working with students, whether their brand new students whether they've been with us for for for years and years, what are the some of the things that you really focus on with people who are looking to generate more income, and maybe touch on the passive income side of things you started on that a little bit in our last segment, and then even onto the active income side of things what are some of those key points for people who want to generate more income. Well, the biggest thing we're seeing in our seminars. So he. He's the ones I present. At Ryan is that robotics is having a big impact on the formation of jobs. Now, we've heard that our unemployment rate today is about three and a half percent. The problem is is the people in the workforce have dropped out. And therefore, the denominator has changed. And therefore, it looks pretty good. But the problem is McKenzie. Did a study on this is that it's estimated over the next twenty years Ryan that as much as fifty percent of the job units, as we know them defined today will disappear due to robotics or mechanization. They make I thought was kind of a tongue in cheek joke. But it really isn't. If you think about it. I think you'll like this. They say the factory the future will have three things a dog a man and a robot. Now, the robot Saturday do all the work. The man is there to feed the dog. And of course, the dog is here to keep the man away from the robot. Yep. So at the end of the day if you think about this. What I'm finding in our classes, the primary motivation of people turning to learn to engage in the capital markets who trading and investing either actively or passively is they want mobility. They want the opportunity to participate in bull and bear markets are even flat markets, but they want the ability to pack this onto a laptop or in some cases, even a little ipad and be mobile, and because many of these markets trade twenty four hours a day seven days a week, and you can be highly productive which just a little bit of bandwidth that you might pick up using a Cup of coffee from Starbucks on a nice long weekend, and you can be outrageously productive and produce supplemental. Art, maybe even evolved to primary source of income, but don't give up your primary source of income right now. Learn these skills use him to complement your lifestyle and build diversified. Streams have been come. That's what people want in today's economic environment. Yeah. Absolutely. And the whole thought of. Hanging onto your primary source of income. You know, when when we when we do research on multiple streams of income. I mean, heck when you do research on on millionaires in the average millionaire out there, you see that they have at least five streams of income on average some have more, right? So when you look at what your what your job is which is your primary source of income, then you can have trading different different ways of generating insider of trading, passive income opportunities active income opportunities derivatives dividends. There's all sorts of ways where we can generate income there, you can build multiple streams of income very very quickly. The thing that I completely agree with you on. There is is don't just cut one of those income streams, right? One of the things that we've noticed from from some of our students coming in just looking to add that extra stream of income is even they didn't like their job so much. But now that they don't have to have that job. They pick a job that they actually really liked 'cause they're not solely reliant on that job for their income because they have multiple streams of income. It's all about it's all about doing the things that we love rather than just doing the things that we have to do. And it's one of the reasons why job job stands for just over. Broke if we're just relying on that job to support our lifestyle for just relying on that job just to to to feed our family, and that's our only source of income. If it goes away. You know, it goes away we're in a real bad spot. So j o b just stands for that that just over broke cliche, which I'm sure everybody's heard. But we talk a lot about those things on the show that they've been around for so long those sayings have been around for so long these these acronyms have been around for so long. But it's but it's not because they're not accurate. It's not because they don't have some validity to one of the things I'd like to do real quick. I see this stack of tickets is getting a little bit smaller John has been given giving them away a score at a time. We could say when you say, John, we do another giveaway. Maybe another twenty tickets or so I love it. All right. We are in the giving mood here. We are going to go ahead and do that right now with a half day class coming up in your area, the half day classes, where you see exactly what it takes for you to generate income inside of the markets. Maybe it's passive income. Maybe it's active income really depends on your situation. Your goals? Now, just a second. You're gonna have a chance to win a set a.

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