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At and i know that i don't again you know i always the policy of you know i think it's bruce i'm i'm gonna enjoy it. I only know every lyric to both songs. You know it's about. I guess in amongst the rest of it which i think is quite a new. Look at what it's talking about life. I i think there's some beautiful lyricism that work. In power of prayer. I think that the vulnerability in bruce's voice at the end of the house of thousand gives pause on never heard from him. But you know an and been rainmaker. I guess is like you know insofar as probably anti-trump song and it sounds a little bit like it's maybe outtake from wrecking ball the arena. That's pre trump. I guess that's kind of a hint of the album that he very easily could have made like the protest album. Which i'm i think i'm really glad he didn't. Because at this point what difference would it have made and you know. I don't think another sort of anti-trump diatribe is what anybody needs at this stage because people kind of you know the divisions i mean you you in the sites definitely conflict with far more awareness and i can but the division that's taken place over there has definitely into all the countries in. It's definitely president australia. And i think at various points people are so so kind of batten. Down with Are on on on him and what he stands for in everything that i just. Don't think that album would have made any difference. And bruce notice that you know. He said like in the most boring album in the world. Had he done that. So you know i mean i think rainmaker kind of gives you like rainmaker. I think it's you know. I think the the fact that it makes the point set of doing one everybody's doing and saying all trump supporters You know excellent wines it saying sometimes people just need to believe in something so bad that they turn to turn which is what has happened. Essentially and i think that's that's a new perspective on it but but then you definitely was went off the right make when you get into that fun will with the album where you know. It's just just absolute a great song after great song. Like if i was if i were the priest amazing Obviously spoken about before song for oftens. I love song for offense like one. I think it was unlocked by the documentary formula when he talks about it and the fact that it comes with the album. You realize that it's it's kind of these disown written at the very start of his career about realizing that this is my moment and this is my time and i'm about to claim that's and you're to put that song at the end of this album. That in many ways summation oil. I think is a really clever move because you know you sort of by bringing back to those early even like pre greeting songs in a way that of votes the casteel without actually being casteel songs was an incredibly savvy choice in it enriches the album and it creates this almost full circle. Feeling that i think is so effective and so powerful and then ending on us up see in my dreams which i guess answers the question that is also beautifully. Bhai one minute. You're here whereas at the end i and the the the similar to go but i think almost in a more moving and more nuanced way. The way he says like the kind of you know the cracking his voice he sings de death is not the end but conviction and the belief of him being like no. This is my statements. I'll see you in my dreams. You'll be i mean..

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