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And will Barton that game tips off just after seven and then the latest start of them all ABS in L. A taking on the King's for the first of two abs looking to keep pace with the Vegas Golden Knights atop the West Division. That that will be about eight o'clock start. So that's all I got for you. And when I say that's all I got, I just mean from the standpoint of This is the update. I have two more hours. For you here on this Friday. Thanks for dropping by. 5 to 29872. If you want to interact with the show, so with no nuggets as Rockies, none of them were in action last night. Pete, the Lakers Clippers game. Um Expecting the Clippers to win I yesterday when I was talking about betting during, line them up. Had the Clippers covering and boy did they cover But the reason why they covered by so much was because Anthony Davis got hurt again. And the TNT crew of Kevin Harlan. Reggie Miller kept saying ankle ankle Inkley reaggravated. It's the same injury. It's the same injury. And then the Lakers PR staff told them no yet went out because of back spasms. And then Anthony Davis, basically after the game said that, yeah, he tweaked it. Little bit. Whatever you got hurt again. And it had to leave. And then the club presented up blowing them out. So the impact of that this is where we stand at this very moment at four or five. On Friday, May 7th The Utah Jazz are the number one seat The Phoenix Suns are the number two seed. The number three seed is now the L. A Clippers because with their when they leapfrogged the idol, Denver Nuggets, then the Nuggets are the four seed. Season ended today they would take on the Dallas Mavericks, who gotta win last night against the Brooklyn Nets. Which I told you when it matter as long as either they won or the Lakers lost, they would remain in the five seed. Both things happen. So the Mavericks are in fifth. Then it's the Blazers, who are in sixth and oh, by the way Blazers Lakers tonight. Anthony Davis expecting to play but I will confirm that When I checked the MBA injury report Surprise surprise. The Lakers were one of the few teams that had not published their injury report. In the early window of when those things they're supposed to be published. So because the Lakers lost Blazers. Move up to the sixth seed Lakers air now firmly in playing territory in the seven seed. And then the warriors or any So that's where we stand right now. A win tonight for the Denver Nuggets would move them back ahead of the Clippers into the third seed. And if the Blazers beat the Lakers tonight, then the it would be Nuggets Blazers. If this season ended today, it does not. So it will probably change 34 more times. Between now in the end of the year. Which is a week or so away. Any who's ill. What sticks out to me here. As I look at these teams Nuggets play the Jazz tonight. The Nuggets will not have Jamal Murray, Avi. They also don't have Monte Morris. Was dealing with a hamstring strain. Will Barton, who's dealing with a hamstring strain, and PJ Dozer, who's dealing with an a doctor? Injury, a strain of his a doctor. And we are very familiar with a doctor's because that is the injury that played Gary Harris. Throughout this season until he got traded. Michael Malone the other day, saying that Denver is the soft tissue injury capital of the world or say something like to that extent. They're not the only ones. So they don't have Murray because of the big injury, but they still don't have barn Morris and Dozer. These soft tissue, nagging injury things. The Jazz. Have their own soft tissue issues. Salt Lake City, giving Denver run for its money as the soft tissue damage. Capital of the world. Utah Jazz Tonight will not have my Conley Has a tight hamstring. Quite like a toy. Gah and Donovan Mitchell. Doesn't have any soft tissue damage here. He has an ankle spring. Both guys will be out for the Utah Jazz. Don't worry. We get Joker vs Go Bear. And that alone is worth the price of admission. So those are the nuggets, injuries and the jazz injuries. Then you have the Lakers with the obvious. LeBron James Anthony Davis injuries. The Dallas Mavericks don't have Chris stops Poor Zynga's because he has knee soreness. The Clippers aren't playing Kawai full quarters and didn't last night because they're trying to ease him back into things after he missed some time with an injury. And the sons for what it's worth. Not that the Fate of the Western Conference is in the balance. When it comes to Jae Crowder's injury. But Jae Crowder is out right now for the sons with the right ankle spring. So you thought last year In the conversation surrounding the the bubble was, this is going to be a war of attrition. Right is just gonna It's just gonna be ball for three months. Every almost every day. You know you don't go out there. I mean, this is gonna be AH, grind. For 90 days. You know, Itwas We saw the signs of mental and physical fatigue. Throughout the postseason..

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