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It was the drivers here, Nashville, Tennessee or something else, aren't they? It reminded me of that setup of that that tell tell en jealous whatever I don't know how we can't. But that guy that sells the foods in the buckets for the apocalypse. Yeah. Yeah. Baker Baker sending near like, the most awkward crowd of old white people. And they just saying stuff that should deserves zero applause and everyone just like fuck you. Let's go and Sin Song book. It's of mashed potatoes. This guy's just saying. Yeah, I love the fast lane here in Tennessee. Used to be married to Tammy Faye. Bakker? Have you ever seen their old show? Didn't they didn't cheat on her or something? What was it? I don't know. I don't want to have. Yeah. It's not pick that smoke or start that smoke with a. Now, I just I'm just not true. Like Tammy Faye. Bakker was a lot more known to me than Jim Baker was in the infomercial age of the nineties. He's from Indiana Brad Stein from Bremen, Indiana. We that's his real name. Oh, the comedian God's comic. Yeah. I can't why are you still eating a fucking spaghetti hotdog? It's calling me now. Oh, please. Stop chewing into the mic, though, already gave me worms and other to lose over ads. I want to get the worms for futurama that make you smart. Fast food questions for me there. Oh, yeah. Hang on. I I have to read this one quote about this guy. This first Brad Stein. Don't do. Okay. Please. Don't on. Swirled around in front of the Mike. It's so bad. Plus he sounds like. There's a. Do I even be? Yeah. I have to beat that that one had to get. If actually if you say, it's beep, I think I'm required to be. I don't have the thing that people have that. They can't hear noises like that. Like like, this a phobia whatever, but oh man that was tough. That was good. Moisturizing your hands. Brad Stein style. The gods comic has been described by Newsweek as conservative with a rat Rattus delivery. By the.

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