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Those guys went to the finals four times in five years. You would say that about either one of them, right? They need the ball. They just shared it. You know, it LeBron is the difference between the Brian Cobi. Is that Kobe with the game on the line? But I'll shoot it. Right. Lebron will always make like whatever the right basketball player sometimes criticised for that. Right. Yeah. He's actually the guy that gets criticized for not taking the last shy sometimes. But I mean, I think guys in it. They're in their stratosphere, get criticized for everything. Yeah. It's just a matter of the warriors are to put this in Star Wars analogy the warriors are the death star. They're all I don't know. Anyone who doesn't think they're going to win the whole thing. Again, I say if your grant why would you leave that brings the only thing that matters. But if you're another star, right, and you wanna try and take them down. You gotta team up with somebody similar in talent to you. Right. Not going to be able to do it yourself. They've got four like Darth Vader's. Right. Right. You know, you're not going to be able to beat them and Daryl Morey understands us. That's why it kept trying to put together harden and Chris Paul and mellow trying for Jimmy Butler shine. Yeah. I mean, he was trying so much. He should've kept a reason. All right. So Lok was also asked. If young players are motivated by all the trade talk all the talk about let's send the young core somewhere and get Anthony Davis all that kind of stuff. He says, quote, it shouldn't be the motivating factor should come from within us as far as wanting to win and wanting to be our best do they read. I'm sure they do. So since we've been here every single year there's articles in media talking about who's going to be traded. Who's not going to be traded? Sadly there probably used to it already. Even though a couple of them have only been at it for a year or two, but that's the world we live in. And it's something we talk about we have to believe in each other and trust each other. And not let outside influences. Get in the way of what we want to do do you think young players because you're around these guys a lot do you think they here? All the trade, talk and the smoke that goes around. Hey, Brandon Ingram for this. And hey, throw cow Kouzmin, Josh heart into that. Do you think they hear all that stuff? Sure. I mean, I think everybody here's in anytime their name shows up in social media. They're boys text them. Right. You know? And so they all hear it. But it's part of being in the league. I mean, I don't you think every professional athletes hurt trade rumor involving himself. I mean, I maybe my grand might trout doesn't. Trout. Yeah. Lebron and LeBron takes I don't think Ronald betrayed. No. I don't think so either. But yeah, it's it's interesting to think that because you know, we we talked about this earlier this week. And I think you came around to thinking this is that if Anthony Davis comes up on the market if. New Orleans, and and this is I forget who sourced this..

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