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Free throw live. Tell you what he had hardly any movie step back behind the lied to ball Baker wanted it contested John Calipari is beside itself. Wants to pressure, but does not want to file three point shooters, especially out of step back. That was a tough shot. He made that point to us repeatedly yesterday telling his young players how to defend the three point. You got a jump with them. But not into the. Arborist free throws around the rim. And it's good. That's a four point piper. Auburn at it gets the Tigers back to six. Minutes. Forty five seconds to go here in the first half of the crowd bubbling up now here Kansas City quickly drops it down to Washington. Driving into the way rolling hook shot. No good. But he bought contact at Washington is going back to the free throw tied at foul. Pure up your. So tough to cover that time. It was on the left box. This really go to shut down. There's that little joke. Book getting normally turns toward the baseline. Knew that. Instead he went into the lane. So he had like a half a step out of the wouldn't a lot of contact. But I see the foul. That's the second on the fouls are stacking up on Bruce Bros. Team that will become a factor in the second half Washington bends at the news fires and misses the first that's the whole repeat J Washington's game. He's an excellent free throw yet. He sixty seven percent, you would expect him to shoot a better percentage as well. As ensuring perimeter. He had thirty seven points in the two games to previous meetings. Fires who second free throw. And he makes that when he's got fifteen here in the first half fifteen of their thirty one five or seven from floor of the rest of the team is five for thirteen at Kentucky Leija by seven twenty eight. You'll have to offer Brown farside. Now, they throw the entry pass turnaround. Scott good position by pretty macklemore. They banks at all. Switch three Travis was garden price sprout Baxter. More was being guarded by hankins. They took advantage of a switch. Auburn is energized right now, you could see it trying to step it up defensively as they guard the perimeter Johnson. Not sure what to do with the ball hands it off to Hakin just inside half court. We cross two minutes to go through half dot Hagans on a pick. And pop gets it to Washington driving shot around the rim. No good. And a foul calls going to go against Kentucky after that was taken a fake re Travis code for the offensive rebound. And that is what I believe Scott. Atas going Kentucky is over the limit. They're gonna roll at all the way back down to the other end is Auburn with the clock stopped in one fifty four to go till half-time get a chance to cut it to these five point lead from the free throw live again with DJ Washington. Not having a good game. Having a great game. So far. Is still only has thirty one points with less than two minutes to go in the first half. So Aubert's problems on this side of the floor to our right? The offensive side. Here is macklemore. The junior at of Warwick, Georgia. Lefthanded shooting spree. Throw is no good way to strong. He's only sixty one percent on a year. They can't win if they continue to miss free throws. Five out of eight so far Kentucky eight Abby. Love it here in this. First step Friday, the water one one forty to til halftime Wildcats with the basketball attacking on our left jockey with the five point lead. Hey, it's got a double team. Governor driving picks it up throws through farside quickly three pointer around. No good and carefully skies for the rebound for Aubert. Now. Here comes driving straight down the lane. Got his three point ball game. Thirty one twenty eight. Another gear for Jared. Harper. Europe. And the Auburn players who tell the crowd come on help us out. Waving their arms. They set defensively won all five till halftime. Hagans and Brown standing motionless. And now the past goes to the corner Johnson throws back outside hagan's hesitation dribble. Back out to Johnson. One left to shoot driving shot goes nowhere. Blocking foul is called on an macklemore that was going to be a shot clock violation. And instead to shots coming for Kelvin Johnson. Terry Ymer came out strong. I'm watching the replay right now all very good. Call by Terry widely turned his body. The right. The ball left said less than one second. The girl turned his body. So here is Johnson. A two shot foul. I one is up and no good. Johnson struggled from the floor here. The other night then the game against Houston. He was just three twelve. Points in this one so far. But six rebounds of the first step second free throw on the way. And that one is good thirty to twenty eight Kentucky over Auburn, forty eight seconds to go here in the first half to huge possessions. For Auburn Harper's driving's a whole again can't get it. Put back is jammed back home by macklemore. Auburn attacking the basket and back now within two point Harper's penetration. Make that possible. Hagan's all kinds of trouble with the basketball hands it offer quickly now twenty five seconds to go in the half. A stop at a score. We could ever tie game at the half eight second differential between game at Shacklock at wideout Johnson. Head of the circle for hagan's left side, left wing three and he buries. It puts his finger to his lips saying why it down Auburn back. The other way driving shot off the glass. No good for Harper. Johnson's got a little time shake and bake triple deep three ball at the buzzer. He got it on the rim. But it was no good. I thought that could have been on the penetration. Bruce, Pearl was asking him and his son Steven same thing. I don't even think they thought about I thought it hit the board. I before was but nonetheless Auburn clearly back in the game. How they went hard at the basket late in the half that got them back into the ballgame Kentucky, you'll take a five point lead to the dressing room with twenty minutes left to play in the trip to the final four.

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