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Lurs Larson show. Welcome back to the LARs Larson show, one of the enduring mysteries of this year's presidential politics. And the politics of Capitol Hill is why Paul Ryan house speaker soon to be gone, and he can't be gone soon. Enough for me, his well is seemingly incapable of accomplishing much of anything. Whereas Nancy Pelosi who I think is pretty darn crazy seems to be able to get just about whatever she wants. And I don't understand. So I've invited. Julia Manchester on who's a reporter for the hill to see if she can sort this out for his Julia, welcome back to the program. Thank you for having me. So if I understand the math correctly there were about seventeen democrat house members a lot of them knew who said we're not going to vote for for for Nancy Pelosi. And they said that during the campaign, they got elected. And and now all of a sudden, it seems everybody wants to do a deal with Nancy. What's going on? Right. Right. So they they've almost seemed to completely fallen in line with. And the reason for that so good at whipping votes, and I guess getting members together, you know, part of her I guess her tactic. There is because she's so good at fundraising. You know, we saw that Alexandra Cossio court has number members youngest member of youngest incoming number of congress, essentially expressed an interest in getting on the energy committee anti Pelosi you supposedly had talked to her about that. So she's making promises to these members that are skeptical about her, and I think a lot of these members know quite a bit of cloud when it comes to the fundraising world. So I think for now they're saying we're going to go with it. However, I think in the future, you know, eventually that's going to change that skepticism will continue to grow within the Democratic Party. But julia. If you've made a campaign promise, I understand the old joke is that, you know, most people who run for office any kind of office make all kinds of promises and that Americans have kind of a low set of expectations for politicians. We say all they're they're they're lying is just a campaign promise. But if you've been in explicit promising I will not vote for this woman. And then one of the first things you do before you were even sworn in is say, yeah, I can cut a deal with her. I'll throw that promise and my voters right under the bus. I would think that that wouldn't bode well for somebody who then if they want to stay in the congress have to run for reelection to short years after breaking their promise like that. Well, to be honest to towns quite a bit like Washington. Candidates on the trail really make these promises, especially you know, the progressive tried to distance themselves from Nancy Pelosi because this is a bigger movement than just Nancy Pelosi. I think you're seeing it on the Republican side as wellness President Trump has been you know, this movement away from Washington. However, I think when a lot of these candidates got to Washington, they realized that in order for them. They feel that in order for them to get their agenda. Real on Capitol Hill. They're going to have to do some maneuvering in for they're their I guess they're frame assigned right now that's going to involve going through Nancy Pelosi right now. Well, I don't know. I guess I just would assume that that I don't lie to my audience. I I sometimes tell my audience that I've changed a position on one thing or another. But I certainly don't say I'm going to always do this or I'm never going to do that. And then come back later and simply say well in order. To get some things done. I I had to break that promise that one just doesn't make sense. Right. Right. And actually, you know, we'll have to see how it goes two years from now when they're up for re election, you know, the democratic house is able to get things that their policies their constituents want accomplished than they might be locked them. I think the democratic base depending on where you look so with the progressive caucus a lot of them come from the coast, New York, California, they're going to those constituents are going to want a lot more liberal measures. You know, universal health care climate change, those kind of kinds of initiatives pass. However, it gets a little muddled go into the rest spouse more of the moderate democratic carry. That's where it's going to be a challenge for Nancy Pelosi, and I think that agenda if Democrats are able to you know, I it. There'd be election will essentially I think depend on what policies are able to get done. I don't know voters are going to necessarily hold their promise promise on weather to vote for Nancy Pelosi in an internal election. I guess to heart two years from now. Well, and I guess the thing I worry about then is she seems so very capable Paul. Ryan who talked to really great game about getting funding for the wall. For example, the present one of the president's signature issues now has a lame duck congress, and he's oh, yeah. We're gonna get all wrapped up by the seven. So we can all go home for Christmas. Well, I'm more in favor of saying, why don't I in fact, Louie Gohmert has told me a member of congress from Texas. He said, I think we ought to stay as long as it takes to get all the business done. We have to get done before January the third what's wrong with that one. Ryan even on his way out the door. I almost wonder if he is more concerned about protecting his potential client list on K. Street that he is about getting getting the work of the American people done and getting the work done that he promised to get done. Yeah. I think that's the frustration with a lot of President Trump's Republican base. So I think there's almost Republican base is right now. Right. So you have your more moderate Republican base, which is teams that and as well as President Trump's Republican basis, President Trump's side of the spectrum, and his base are frustrated with people like speaker, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and there, I guess the constantly cut deals with the Democrats. So I think we're going really see that play out in this government shutdown battle coming up. You know, it'll be interesting to see whether you know, the wall, whether Republicans, and I guess there last couple of date last couple of weeks in congress are going to budge on the wall because many Republicans have campaigned on that promise, the President Trump. However, I think a lot of Democrats are really going to push back against that. So we're going to see some more gridlock. And if they do that if if they end up saying, we're we. We can't keep our promises, but the Democrats who are decidedly in the minority. Now, they've got the house, but they don't have the Senate. They don't have the presidency if they turn around and say, well, we're capable of actually getting some things done. And if the Democrats managed to hold the Republicans hostage in a way that the Republicans couldn't even get done when they were in the majority in both houses and had the White House's. Well, it isn't going to be a great set of facts to go into the twenty twenty election with not for the president. And certainly not for members of congress. Is it not at all? And I think one of the American people talk frustration with Washington and lawmakers is the apparent inability to get things done in the constant gridlock with congress. So I think of House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi. I do think that is a fear among many House Republicans fancy clothes. He is so good at what things votes, and I think getting her members in line to see about changes with the new progressive members in the next congress that she's so good at that. You know? Americans undecided. Voters voters may have gone for Obama won election and Trump the other election year, they're gonna look at that. And they're going to I think be more attracted to the Democrats because.

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