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It is a jet pack Friday. Senate JJ after die. Janci Stansky right here on the fat. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six. I know a topic of conversation over the last couple of days has been while with Aaron judge on the men with Giancarlo Stanton already back for the gang keys. What would it name for the future of Cameron maybe? And I'll tell you guys this when I was doing a show was the last night, right after Mike from seven to ten at the can easily find a way for the time being to keep four position players on the bench. Not that difficult to do. You get some guys, the Yankees are running out at bullpen David Hale pitched, the ton Thursday night Jonathan holder who still has options Louise Sessa, who yes is out of options. But to me would be expendable and quick as, as your compliment to Chad green with the opener that you could find a way to keep may been here because, you know what he deserves to be here. He's played like he belongs here. He's been a fixture for this team. He has defended he's gotten some big hits. You've been Anita? Catty with judge Stanton to begin with. Not the wall will have four position players for the time being. So I was very relieved to find out after Thursday night's game that the co-respondent Rostov for the return of Aaron judge is going to be quote as down in amount of weeks. Now, I'm sure for so many you wondering right when a Yankees utilized the opener once again. How are they going to go about it? Well, let's figure this out from it. Friday, you've got James Paxton on Saturday. You have gone amount Sunday o be j hat Monday would be CeCe Tuesday, Yankees would go with an open. But because the Yankees are playing those two games in one. Maybe they have Cortez up by Tuesday, potentially, maybe somebody else fills that void. Maybe it's not all hail. Maybe it's Louis says it will say. But I thought it was that for the Yankees to make sure Kevin able, it was going to be here because guys useful. That's the guy you're not giving away for nothing. I went to way this Yankee season has gone with the injuries. Why would you just designate for salmon a piece like that? He's fit right into the culture. Shanking clubhouse. I'm a big fan and it's one thing to make the argument. You know, long-term what's his role and the year? What's his role, that's fine. But for the time, being, which, and then both coming off the injured list, no reason to be Cameron off this team. No way. No, eight seven seven hundred thirty seven sixty six sixty six let's said to gore would New Jersey. Dan Jones says he's on a foul outstanding JJ. What's up brother, Dan? Which sangha did Percival we're going to the Yankees perversity. I got I got eat some words, they're all in the billions, I in the beginning I wasn't. I wasn't feeling it. I man, I took a little bit get into. But all in now with the Sicelo move and show. But I'm gonna tell you Dan is an unbelievable payoff. I just finished up the last season a few days ago. The finale was outstanding g Ahmadi Damian Lewis the acting. Between those two guys is just phenomenal. Phenomenal stuff and GM bodies wife in the shell. Wendy roads. I don't know. His name, but she's she's spectacular. I mean she's just an on believable talent. Absolutely. I'm all in. Now, I'm about three episodes into the second tell you this, Dan. We gotta go out and have a couple of beers with wax. 'cause that guy knows how to play. My kind of guy, you know what I mean? He's absolutely enough. Yeah. It's definitely getting better. So I'm all in. Now I'll put it all in. So. Jay z with the are you still going to check it out. I have not. I'm really behind on my TV though, Dan and my priorities game of thrones at this point. That so like I'm really not watching anything else. So then game thrones like I'm trying to focus and just turn out as many episodes as I can on five. Oh, by the way. So I'm making some progress. Sheely dan. I'm going to clear that hurdle. And I'm going to have all the TV shows that I can double it, you know, to JJ. I don't know if you ever saw it I was far. Did you ever watch again in the fog on now? Wow. We've got I mean especially the first two seasons. Third one was good too. But the first two I mean JJ you're talking about. I mean I'm putting up there with anything game. It's wrong sopranos ball take right there. The first two the first seasons. I mean, the third one was really good too, but the first to our epic. Okay. Check that aspect. She if you don't have to see the movie to see the show, but it pays off in the movie. Obviously, there's, there's like a lot of Easter eggs and stuff. So we're going to the Yankees. JJ obviously what I'm saying thrilled. The listen JJ. There's no there's no. There's no mistaken that Edmund cost Yellen has absolutely. Both of this. I mean anybody who was hesitant about the trade or go, and it was, like, why are we doing, of course, stat and coming back plays a big part in that too. But this, why with these guys into a man, I mean. And then the fact that you could have glacier, Tories, who is probably on his way to the all star game for the second consecutive year as the guy's hitting seventh or eighth in this Yankee outrageous. And you know what I want silence right here? And right now, this ridiculous narrative that I'm hearing from some that Edwin Encarnacion is this all nothing hitter. That is crap would get numbers with runners in scoring position. Look at the way he hits. With he and how many pitches he sees in bed. Many times in a week, basically have we seen Edwin Encarnacion seven eight nine pitcher bag people were going off the factor. You're gonna have a high average but he is rounded hitter. He's a huge hitter with Shelley's has been here, all seals. And I mean look since he's been was done. I mean, you know, saying just came back I mean since he's been there that wind up taking a whole different shape. You know what I mean? If you can't see, I mean, it's playing that and I'm definitely thrilled. The kept maybe the guy has put every, every hour, every ever ask anybody, to put that catchy almost made today would have been like I don't know what he was doing on that. I mean he misjudged at ball so badly. And it was stunning because he's such a good outfielder. He's running towards the fenced in the left field line. And he's trying to do the Spiderman where he's like doing, you know, the Spidey split or whatever. To try to catch the ball. Just missed it just barely missed it. I know what you're saying about hear me out on this. I agree with you. I fortunately for our sakes, you know, the, the nationals playing better and they've got himself back into the mix. But I'm telling you right now. JJ I'm going on the record. I don't know if he's going to be available. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know if they're going to be on them, but he he's the guy man. I mean especially if it was broken nose. I mean I'll put it on. I'll put it on paper Yankees, getting masters or somehow, they're going to the World Series. The other guys. Listen, I'd love to see the guy in Yankee pinstripes. I love the way competes. He is feisty his stuff is nasty. He's done it in both leagues. So there's no questioning the talent. And max sherzer again, I've said it over and over again. I'll forget about the contract. Forget about what Washington would want. You have to look at where that team is that and we thought a month ago, it's realistic than nationals have got awful. The nationals might be looking to clear payroll and maybe it could be a fit. Now. I look at the nationals, and I see them at thirty six and thirty eight. I see those wildcards spots for the National League for grabs and then point much better baseball. I get the sense back shares is going to be right where he's at national uniform. You might be right. Jacob it was scares me, the only other guy about the answer. The only other guy out there is Bumgarner. I'm not sure if he's cancer, I would definitely go for him. But here's the problem JJ. They're gonna want to just. Frazier. They're gonna want Clint Frazier. They're gonna win. Another piece for Bumgarner. Ah I gotta go all in on somebody and overpay for somebody right now. There's only one guy, too Mark, whether he's on the market or not. I know obviously, he's only guy I'm willing to give up a truckload. I don't want to give up a truck load for Madison Bumgarner at this point. I think it'd be a silly move. I really do. Well, they need a starting pitcher. And listen, you're going to make a deal with the San Francisco, Giants e gotta figure either Quin Frazier mcgillion indoors involved in that deal. And to me, it's gotta be Clint Frazier. Who had a moonshot of a home run down in Scranton finally made his way down the screen. But if you think about the completion, it is team. And look I know Aaron Hicks and Aaron judge in Giancarlo Stanton. Hav injury problems, but confesses not going to be a part time player is guy needs every day at bats. I think he's going to get those every day at bad somewhere else not within the Yankees. We'll get to Madison Bumgarner and a little bit because I watched a lot of his start on Thursday night was not pretty against the Los Angeles Dodgers. But a little later on. I'll tell you why they wouldn't scare me at all. Let's sit out to Cape May New Jersey. Rob joins us. He's on a foul up rowdy AJ. How you live in Robbie. I'm living. Okay. Man owes given. What's having a did good? Gary sanchez. Took a lot of crap last year. He actually had to have so shoulder surgery on his left arm. Which means he couldn't move it that great his club, hands getting a lot of passed balls. And I just think he was hurt. That's it. I think there's something to be said for that because forget about his defense, because two years ago is defense was bad as well. And listen, sometimes you're not performing offensively. You're gonna take that out on the field. What you but for a guy that hit at every level of the minor leagues for a guy from the minute, he put on the Yankee pinstripes. Right. He came up at twenty sixteen. They couldn't get them out in twenty seventeen he hit over thirty home runs. Drove in at Tanah. Ron's. He was a fixture in the middle of the Yankee order for him to be as bad as he was last year, rob offensively where he hit one, eighty and looked like some guy who is at during the headlights look like a guy never played a high level, and it's a life. Yeah. You could look at injury. And maybe chatted draw that direct correlation. Listen, rob. I'm just so thankful. And you know every now and again, we get these predictions, right? We get plenty wrong. But I was adamant any Yankee fan. Wanted to give up on Gary Sanchez was a full that has dope. And if you wanted to suggest that this team long-term was going to be able to win a World Series with Austin role mine, and his four ninety all PS behind a plate. Did he self affair? Look in the mirror and realize how stupid that take truly was. And I had Sanchez and fantasy last year. So that really hurt or for that matter are, but listen, sometimes can't win them all. And at the very least or enjoying Gary Sanchez destroy American League pitching wearing the Yankee pinstripes. Maybe not on your fantasy team but for their team you refer you take it. That's okay. Do you mind? If I say, one thing about the nets going, I love Kyrie Irving, but I'm kind of hesitant because I really liked the ngelo Russell as well. And that's had great chemistry. That's one of the reasons they great. There was really no superstars and to take your point guard away might might disrupt the apple cart. So I'm saying it's a very interesting dynamic for the Brooklyn nets because you right? They had a pretty good year last year. They made it in the postseason..

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