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Lost more than 350 voids today, who gets the last 7 47. I'm Jeff cable. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward. You go in for that last 7 47 days. If I'm going to need a couple partners, you know, maybe some limited people to help out. We can do a little share. All right. You know of it. World Cup soccer Portugal blows out Switzerland 6 one Gonzalo Ramos scores three goals while starting in the place of christiano Ronaldo also advancing Morocco, who upset Spain by prevailing in penalty kicks three nothing after the two nations finished extra time scoreless. NFL the Los Angeles Rams claimed quarterback Baker Mayfield off of waivers from Carolina ravens QB Lamar Jackson's week to week after sprinting a knee ligament in Sunday's win over Denver. Men's college basketball 13th ranked Maryland meets Wisconsin and 6 foot 9 weapon Tyler wall coach Kevin Willard. His motors off the charts. He doesn't on both ends. I don't think he gets enough credit what he does on both ends, but then they post up wall and crowell and then you have Chucky Hepburn going off hitting 30 footers. Badgers ranked second of the big tenant shooting the three pointer 9 p.m. start number three Virginia faces James Madison at 7, same game time for George Mason and Maryland eastern shore, Americans at mount saint Mary's. Baseball's winter meetings nationals yet to make a major move tonight they learned while they were pick in the 2023 major league draft the first year they're holding a lottery. Dave Preston WTO sports. All right, Dave, thanks for 47 cruising. North Carolina are making progress restoring power to the tens of thousands of residents who lost it after a substation was shot up over the weekend a situation that authorities have called intentional governor Roy Cooper says everyone Ian more county should be back online by Thursday morning. About 35,000 customers in the county are still out that's down from a peak of 45,000. The search continues for the person or people responsible for the attack and no motive has been given by police. As the situation in North Carolina unfolds, power companies around here are keeping a close eye on things. Dominion Energy Pepco and BGE all as you'd expect say they're aware of what's going on in North Carolina and statements WTO all say they're constantly talking to law enforcement at all levels, intelligence agencies and many others. None of the companies spoke about beefing up security specifically in response to the outages south of here, Pepco and BGE, though, which are both part of excellence as they're always running regular drills to repair for all kinds of threats, and we'll be ready to respond quickly if needed. Mike Murillo WTO news. That one of the top stories we're working on for you double E TOP breaking news this afternoon Donald Trump's company has been convicted of tax fraud will have a special report in just minutes. A warning from fairfax county's health department after an apparent outbreak of gastrointestinal illness in school. Georgia voters are turning out in a big way to pick a U.S. senator in the high stakes runoff race between Rafael Warnock and Herschel Walker. Keep it here on WTO for full details in the minutes ahead. It's four 48. Traffic

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