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An opportunity. There's also away. We seen the carnage in the ditch. All the bags of p moss feudal over and hockey bags and shoes and clothing all over the field ambulance attendants were waiting by their stretchers. And nobody who's being taken to the stretchers Lots of people were being taken off their with nobody was being brought to the stretchers and lots of people there but none of them were alive. Caleb welcome to chatter that matters. Thank you my family on here. Look forward with the so before we get to the crossroad. That ended in change the lives of so many. I wanna i get to know you before that horrific moment you grew up in moose justice gotcha correct scott perry boy mine tire life. Your parents mark in anita interviews. There i shine they. They speak no wrong of you. Is that because they're just grateful that you were one of the lucky ones of survived or he just one of those great kits so proud of i think honestly they're very proud of me and don't see the flaws in myself and i do see the fayza myself too. I know there's a lot that i can do to be better but also i was really fortunate to have raised me to the person i am today and lead by example throw life and they weren't the only ones who raised me as fortunate to have great coaches teachers mentors friends Rumors you are a bit of a difficult birth. It came out holding a hockey stick. True that hockey skating and roller blades were will you i learned to do. That is pretty much fed hockey which i loved a. Here's a baby picture me. Dislocate is laying on the bed and dressed in my dad's hawk year basing my head. I'm like god. Love up to mike. Chinn has the stick on me. I got jersey Me of so. I was pretty much born into the hockey family Even on the birth announcement said like first round draft pick so h four year delivered Parents had a tough blow in. They find out your diagnosis. A type one diabetic. It was hardly even grasp what exactly had happened to my life and what had flipped. I knew that was in hospital at wasn't happy as angry as frustrated My parents quoted me saying that. I hate this. Doctor's house throws chair through windows. Eight senate Oddly really troubled in wasn't happy in the hospital in susan got other hospital. I thought it was home. Freed narrow member times of need trying to hide from my parents. I remember like nearly one in the basement hiding from that and then screaming when they were coming at me to noodle and that was very hard for me to grasp come to terms with the fact that i needed needles to survive back then as a child your friend playing you need a needle. That's gonna slow you down. I read something that you wrote. When you said it actually motivated you inside of me was like now can use this as fuel as to lend this. Bring me down like a fuse to rise me up and yeah i have to work harder than Myself more than a person beside me but in the end in the long run ill payoff will have more work ethic of Great resilience determination to ballot through other things in life. That come my way miko say. Hey a change for sewer alligator destroyed play hockey or that kind of thing. It's like no like our prove you wrong bass on proved my supporters right on the people who are beside me saying hey. You can do sprite that i can do this. And so i had a great support system growing up. I had friends who were really supportive and didn't treat me different and then i also had school kids that might have treatment Teachers who may have a different but that comes with anything role however owned grind in life. So my grandma's diabetes and everybody has their own end. What did you start realizing that kid wearing his dad's hockey of fit. You could go someplace with it other than just where i. My hockey career was outside a streetlight playing bach. That was far of my career to be on the road playing road hockey. But i think for me was when i was pretty young. I was really elite. At a young age one season. I had thank heart. Plus goals in the few games and that was account In my family that someone could come out of this. I always wonder what my parents thought. I me both my parents to pass I'd be curious to ask marketing. Nita was hockey their way of saying. Hey you can be normal. Kid are was hockey something to them that said this is a dream disco. After i think it was more the life lessons you get from the game to and from sports in general the teamwork the sacrifice selflessness the community that you have the bonding. Even the mental toughness to that comes with the sport. Being diabetic was more difficult. And you had like. Bobby clark go bobby clark. A body clarks was before. Myra certainly didn't have him look up to and then you can't. There wasn't a youtube at the time. So i couldn't you to vail's bobby clark highlights until he did feel alone at times did feel trapped in so for me. It was nice to be. I was only child too so my teammates became my brothers. Sports deflated helped me grow as a person developed personal skills and also have lifelong friends now. Hockey in organized hockey in canada hockey means so much to our branded who we are as as a nation. But it's falling off the cliff. It's like eight percent of people playing organized hockey. Some people talk about the time commit financial commitment to safety. What do you think we can do to position hockey the way you talk about in terms of the camaraderie. The lessons learned the experiences lifelong france. You think we need to do a better job. Doing i think if we're able to lower the prices there'd be more access for all canadians. Equipment is now very very expensive. Talk line steaks around four hundred dollars. And if there's more access to gear more access to shoot learning how to play instead of having that big time commitment of three or four sections a week and we were just one. It's a week because it humbled. I was there grant iraq hockey program. There's disappointment for children to learn how to skate. There's once a week and kids fell in love in our played minor hockey because of that traveling to a highly anticipated playoff game when the unthinkable happened along a rural highway unbelievable world. You can't be good for lushness. Can't we pray for those families and think about him. I don't know what else to say or horrific accident.

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