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Kind of miss. I would organize things on independence. Day open is conferences at places like chen house. When discuss things that were led to the development of the country and all of a sudden to close friends and relatives. I will say to them. Look i don't think is of what you might think. I don't think i can go and lift them. I don't know killing somebody after a week. Just out of frustration anger but you know the the win thing was when i was at the bbc. In spite of what about syria. I was actually having a fight with my bbc weddings. Many of them who worked in the Even the africa section were white and unfortunately Then probably still now. They've only fighting it but they had a culture of what they showed about. Africa was the negatives on so for the british public that ended up being perception of what africa was about. And i didn't want to buy into that opie of that. And so i would regularly have fights and arguments about twenty different story spite of how i felt about it because i knew there was another size. Sure it was so yeah that is such as because of the one hand and i think struggle with this because on the one hand you know the arts yes. Things are bad rate. You know that things are bad eight but on the other but also yes. Things are bad in many many ways on so many levels and yes. I'm even like right now. I don't even want to go to that place but at the realization that if that is the only narrative week towel then detail. Nice like when you only tell us then we become caricaturist. Were no longer human because we know that in the middle of a civil war civil strife in the worst kind of late. There's still joy still compassionate. they're still beauty is still all of. You can find art. That makes us all human right. So i think that's always the bureau like yeah. You know like when you're in it's like almost like this field seemed what's you know ali. We angry with anything awful. And you don't see close not advocates. Fiance exco khobar. Like not wanting to air near your during busy. Yes yes that's right. We tell other silent bulls but international toby's Not sell their exactly. That was is like amongst ourselves. We could talk really really kind of explicitly about how bad things were what we didn't the world in that because he knew that already the world was quite content with just spending the negative anyway and so people would say to me. Well you know. If it's so bad why did you going on holiday by childhood memories of my relatives of that you know these close aunties and uncles the people who every time i gotta finding all over the world who built off Brought up and so you know felt very close to them. Hi this is vicky mo from the make. Sierra leone famous podcast. I just wanted to say we really really appreciate all your comments. All your feedbacks. The emails the dm's every other way that you get back in touch with us if you really love this show and you want us to keep making content to make sure leeann famous. Don't forget to leave us a review. Thank you and now mic. We go back to make sierra leone. Famous right now is just gonna ask about now. You're just being mr sierra leone. Mr organized conference mr community like being a municipal building about being community builder while you're in the diaspora during a time. When home need no longer be the you remember or the holy wants to return to how do you. How did you you build community. Like one of the things did. Because i feel like right. Now you've been within the current climate that they're probably even more surliness today than there. Ever was a lot of healing. Big nonce go home but they still want to kind of seized community and also just get to a place where dot engagements can also reach back to sierra leone and make a positive impact. And that's kind of what i know of you so i just want to understand. How did you go about continuing even though your heart was broken and you were about find community building. What kind of activities did you do. And what made it possible. How do you love your your country your home country for some people. Maybe they were born there for something. They'd be naturalized. How did you work with the resources that were available there to continue to build community for sierra leone. I mean funny off. It was easy in a way because of us you know. Every school in syria amazon alumni association. Some way the world every village has a village descendants association somewhere. I would link up with those and so when you know. Anniversaries like the founding of free child or independence day. Something we would organize it. Locking always seemed to how interesting high commissioners who would invite to allow us to use the high commission as a venue for these events because it saves them having to planet themselves. There was one particularly bizarre incidents which was when the johnny paul koroma coup happened. That was not. I was with nine. Ninety seven may twenty fifth of may ninety seven at the bbc at the time. And i had gone to high commission with the world's press and all the west african high commissioners who've had gone there to support desert on high commission on i won't in and around my recorder and the high commissioner who was there refused to speak control and he called me out. He was my father's friend and he said he. Can you come on address. The media ended up giving it was locked in a sense to be.

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