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There was at the morning show no stephen no i know you're listening habits who was was the damn patrick nope was that colin yep there you're going wasn't calling who said it it was jason mcintyre who was on colin shoka got it he said that he goes it's time for the lakers trade lonzo ball because lavar is out of control i don't know how else to explain this to yes the lakers don't care what lavar does they just don't lavar can can shout with a bullhorn from the top of a mountain let me ask let me ask you this i worry about lonzo right why did they li i guess this was a leak they didn't say this it it it it came out that all young players any of our any of our young players can be traded any of them right was an opinion from an la times reporter but yeah it can't it got out and that happened a day after lavar returned to the united states of america i don't believe you think that's just the reason it's i i do and i think that the reason that they said all young players could be traded is that it's true if let's face it if you could bring into marquee free agents and go trade for leonard who are you keeping okay let me follow is there anybody untouchable on this current roster in europe should know sh no i don't i don't believe in touchable 's in any sport they well yeah sure you do like.

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