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Traffic center plant Construction in Miami Day That's going to be on the turnpike South and on the run from the Shula that on ramp is closed. Also looking at roadwork on the dolphin westbound on the ramp 237th Avenue South found that off ramp rightly in his block time Ricky for Sony's ready, or 6 10 W. Ah, well known Florida attorney says he's bowing out of politics for good. John Morgan of the Orlando based Mega Law for Morgan and Morgan helped get medical marijuana legalized in Florida and the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. But that's all over the good news for Florida, and they're better news for the legislators, and the special interest in the Chamber of Commerce in Tallahassee is John Morgan's done? Morgan also says governor to Santa's is doing a good job and pledges never to run for public office in floor. Rita Morgan is 68 living part time in Hawaii. Now I'm Gordon Bird. For the first time since the Corona virus pandemic started. The ST Petersburg City Council met in person Thursday. But even as the number of covert cases surge across the county and in Florida governor status executive Order states, local governments had to resume meetings in person. November 1st. The public's not yet allowed to watch the meeting from the council chambers. 15 members of the public After watch on closed circuit TV from another room in City Hall, the Fernandina Beach City Commission extended its face mask ordinance through December. 6th. Everyone over the age of six must continue wearing face coverings while in public indoor places. The state's unemployment claims are down for the third week, the US Labor Department reports just over 28,700 people filed for jobless benefits last week. A great white shark known as you know, money is being tracked off the Florida Keys. Officials will The group O search, say the Sharks tracking device Ping do early Thursday morning off of Key Largo researchers air wondering Ifyou know Maki will continue to move past the keys and into the Gulf of Mexico, as she did last year. She's more than 15 FT. Long and weighs over £2000 in the Great White was tagged in September of last year and has traveled nearly 13,000 miles in the last 100 days or so. Riko Shal NBC news radio with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad. Hey there. This is Keith Singer singer Wealth. You prefer to pay his little taxes legally possible. If so, you want to read our report called five ways to reduce your taxes. Text the word tax report. 2474747 Text the word tax report 2474747. If you want to get your business on the radio, and you don't need help from a professional, you really need to check out I heart add builder dot com. Not only is it extremely affordable online customizable and heard by nine out of 10 Americans every month. It's just so easy. You can even make your own radio at all from your smartphone. Wherever you are. Click,.

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