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That term at all sir i want to go back to your website look master dot com where you have a section under news called videos these are your ad sir ads that you run on television i'm assuming there might be an audio version that runs on radio i wanna play this ad for you one point five million hoosiers voted for donald trump and mike pats one point four million voted for todd young but senator joe donnelly refuses to listen he cancels out young and he blocks the trump agenda i'm masterpiece and i support the trump agenda running their replace senator joe donnelly enforce the republican majority to have a spine the change the senate i need your help donate to my campaign countries running out of time that is one of your ads you talk about how people voted and whether or not joe donnelly us paying attention but one of the things you say in that answer is that you want to force the republican majority to have a spy fine you are part of of republican leadership in the house they pass the spending bill you talk about twenty trillion dollars in debt in america there was only sixteen hours to read the bill why are we passing spending bill that increases the debt and fully funds planned parenthood if we're going to talk about a republican leadership will list tony voted for the bill because the commander in chief asked me to the reality is we have men and women dying in our armed services because our armed services are underfunded my position on the bill is one hundred percent aligned with president trump as the president said it was a fall build flog bill that was the result of a broken process and we need to change the process i'm also and other ads campaigning against the filibuster because the problem with the filibuster this sixty vote threshold is that it puts the minority party in charge so the bill spends more than most of most conservatives would light than than i would like as a conservative because the democrats were had to be included in in the spending bill i know that one of my opponents in particular has tried to make a bunch out.

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