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Place where everyone's a neighbor. It's mornings on Main Street with Bill Main on AM by 50 and FM, one of 2.9 Wdun, moving into a brand new day and glad to have you along with us as we do just that. Rainy 49 now gonna clear up a bit by this afternoon, and we'll see temperatures touch about 58 degrees at that points because I mentioned coming at the top of the hour. Today is not just your average Wednesday. Today is January 27th and as such today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I wanted to talk about what's going on with a very special project, which, as I look at this, and I was talking to a guest off here, this is mind blowing how large this is. We're checking with a Deborah dash more. She is a Jewish scholar, and she's working with opposing library of Jewish culture and civilization. And Debra, This is an amazing project because you go from biblical times all the way today with the history of the Jewish people and That is a massive undertaking. How long have you been working on this? Okay, well, it is a massive undertaking, and I've been working on it for well over a decade, The project actually started back in 2000 and five Um, So what's incredible about it is it's a translation project. You know, it brings everything to you in English. Um, on these air, all original sources, um so you get to read the words of Diverse. Um, Jewish thinkers, writers, poets. Um, uh on, take a look at wonderful visual material. Um, painting photographs, Um, images of sculptures, architectures stuff like that really great stuff. I'm glad you translated, cause my Hebrew is not very good. To be honest with you. Matter of fact, it doesn't exist. So that makes a lot easier for something. Let me just tell you it's not just Hebrew. There's more In a dozen languages, actually close to the two dozen life Wow. Translated from Yes, yes, because Jews wrote in all kinds of languages. Um, you know, tons of European languages. Arabic language is Aramaic. I mean, you name it. Yeah. So let's talk a little bit about like I would see if I can juxtaposition Or maybe you can help me. With this when we talk about when we talk about the Jewish people, one of the things of course, in our time that we think of is the Holocaust. Today's Holocaust Remembrance Day. But I'm kind of curious as far as political fought as far as just poetry, right exist in general. Do you see a shift in mindset? Pre World War two. The post World War. Two. When it comes tol it's being written by Jewish scholars. Yes, we have material you know, from the 19th as well as the immediate years, um, prior to World War two, And there's an enormous sense of optimism. Um, especially in 19th century materials, the sense that the world is opening out for Jews. Um, in the decades just before the Holocaust. By contrast, there's tremendous sense of premonition. You just see it in the writing that they see just things aren't going well. And there were lots of suggestions about how to make changes. What should be done. And then And then, Of course, you have the Holocaust ammand the, uh, period that follows of time. To make sense of what occurred. The volume that covers the whole costs is called catastrophe and rebirth. And the rebirth piece is very important as well. Um, because I just didn't completely become they struggled with trying to make, um make meaning out of the intent. Terrible catastrophe of so many millions of lives lost. It is hard to find that in there that is for sure, it's such a such a horrific tragedy, but from that, we move forward. And how is Is. There was optimism on that end with premonition. How are we? Now? It wouldn't see what is the overall view of Jews now and in Israel and around the world when it comes to Judaism and their peoples. Well, I think that we've entered a period on you can see it in, Um the last volume volume 10, which deals with you know the End of the 20th century beginning of 21st. We've entered a period where Jews are increasingly again expressing diverse points of view. On Do they range all the way from very religious observance. Um, you know, the pious proceed. Um, Two Very secular, um, non observant And the thing about the posing library, juice, culture and civilization is that we include all of these. Um, this is not just, um, the religious writings of twos. Um, it includes Politics culture. We even include material examples of selections for Children, Children, stories and stuff. Excellent in the volume. Yeah, well and how, When we talk about the posing library of Jewish culture and civilization, and I mentioned earlier in the hour that This is you don't physically have to be there to t O pull from it. You guys have done this in a digital form. How How do we access this? How do we gang access to this? Okay, So that's really important. Because if you go to post in library dot com and you registered for free, you can gain access to virtually all the material that has been produced in the bound volumes. You see them is discreet Items you know on your screen, but you could search using different categories to find things on do you really can come up with with wonderful? Um, a zit were connections. One of the things that you could do online at posing library dot com is you could become in a sense your own and psychologist. You can pull together. Um, various selections that you feel, um Represent some of Jewish culture and civilization that you might want to share with others. Deborah Dash more our guest Jewish scholar. We're talking about the posing library of Jewish culture and civilization before let you go in just a handful of seconds we have left. I'm just curious your personal feeling when you look At Jews in this century. What is your feeling? Are you optimistic? Pessimistic? How do you feel? Yeah, I guess I am an optimist. Um, because one of the things you learned from Jewish history is that tragedy has been an inherent part of it. But so have, um, forms of rebirth and resilience and Esso. I remain an optimist. That resilience will Continue to characterize the Jewish people going forward. That is good to hear, because I think our world in general needs more optimists right now. That's really do Deborah Dash more. Thanks for being with us. Don't forget, folks. You can check it out there posing library dot com. Thank you for sharing with us. We appreciate it. Thank you. Sure thing. We're timid. It's away from made it North. Georgia's news talk Ugo just in time from headlines. DJ standing by with a look from the Access Wdun Hardy Chevrolet News Room. Thank you very much Bill. Good morning to everyone president buying President Biden, saying.

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