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Been driven by this man. There's a better way forward. It's called arbitration in this system, a neutral third party arbitrator, it helped cost effective rate a solution without litigation. Mayor. Turner's latest budget does include an 18% pay hike for firefighters. The money comes from federal covert relief funds and is only for three years. Street racer who smashed into the back end of a Houston police car in the East Freeway. It wayside or this morning is charged with felony racing. Police were working to clear a big rig stuck under a bridge when three speeding vehicles came along and one crashed. The officers suffered only minor injuries. Big toe actually back greeting fairgoers this year as the State Fair of Texas returns officially announced today, it will be September 24 through October 17th as the at Fair Park in Dallas. The state Fair, of course, was put on hold last year due to the pandemic. This year, Clay Walker, Drew Hill and Jack Ingram among the musical performances already announced, and the theme for the 2021 State Fair is appropriately enough. Howdy, folks. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush said to announce he's running for state Attorney General s Amu political analyst Cal Jillson says it'll be a test of how much swagger the Bush name still holds. Family has been in politics in Texas for a long time. A lot of donors still think well of the Bush family name. George P. Is the son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the nephew of former President George W. Bush. So far, he has not invoke those names in his current campaign. Instead, he's courting the support of former President Donald Trump. Ktrh news time to old four business leaders across America, raising the alarm about not enough people getting back to work. The U. S Chamber of Commerce is warning that the worker shortage crisis is deepening with a record 8.1 million job openings in March, but 1.4 workers for each vacancy. That's about half of many available workers for each opening, as there have been over the past two decades, the business group noting in some industries such as education, health services and government, there are If you were available workers than the number of vacant jobs, most state and local chambers of commerce say these shortages are holding their economies back states with the tightest labor markets include South Dakota, Nebraska and Vermont. Lillian Woo Fox News. Eastern Live Stock show and Rodeo will return next year. They've already announced some of the updated events. February 25th will be the trail riders arriving at Memorial Park. The barbecue, the kickoff barbecue will be February. 24 3 26 and the Houston Rodeo Run downtown and Rodeo Parade will be held on Saturday. February 26th. Next year's rodeo set for February 28 through March 20th on Wall Street's mixed bag Right now, the Dow is up 21 points the S and P 500 up one the NASDAQ Down 16 crude oil up more than a dollar to 68 76 a barrel. Astros. We're gonna make it four wins in a row. They continue their series of the Red Sox tonight..

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