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I'm Laurin Vogel Bomb, and today we have an interview for you with how Hasan. Yes. She is the CEO and founder of boss boss Somali foods which makes these awesome hot sauces and recently on October thirteenth she debuted her first cookbook which was This absolutely gorgeous to east African cuisine. And, all of the the grandmothers behind it are BBC's and it's called in BB's kitchen and it's also co authored by Julia Tertia. And it was just a lovely conversation. I got some seasoning from Lauren out of it. That was delicious. A It's just a it's a really beautiful piece of work. Yeah yes. Oh my Gosh and the the last time that how I was on the show back in two thousand, eighteen she and and Julia were talking about equity at the table or eat, which is a project that that fights gender racial discrimination in the food industry by helping foster connections among among members of that community who've been historically at a disadvantage. Yeah and and you can see that. How important is to her in this book as well and IT'S I just looked out. It was set up where it's like context of where these recipes come from its history, and then you do have these interviews with these women. About What they grew up eating and what feels like home and what recipes Remind them of home. Yeah. An just these these stories in these voices that that we don't. We don't typically here especially here in the United States. Yeah and when asked about this book Halwa said my number one goal and all the work I do is preserving community through stories. No one was talking to older women about food no-one keeping those stories. One thing white people ask is how I found all these people I think that they don't understand the depth of community and what it means to share this book honors, these women and their stories through their recipes. These stories don't get told at this level if there is no personal connection, I hope that people walk away from the book and not only Cook for each other but are also inspired by what took place in this.

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