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And that's why i know that their Their publishing houses a storage shed in norcross georgia. Because i i tracked them down. And i went after the editor and turns out there actually in nigeria This is just a a a faux facade of and address here in georgia but my student wanted to withdraw the paper. And they wouldn't do it. They would not take it back and so when he wanted to send it to a legitimate journal. The legitimate journal wouldn't publish it because it was already published in a In a predatory journal And it was and to me. This was crossing a line. because it wasn't yet published in the predatory journal. It was only in the review process. And they said if you do not if you do not pay the publishing fee we will publish your paper. So they basically held his work for ransom that they would put it in a bad place that would destroy his reputation if it got there so these. These folks are real scumbags. His story was in the back of science magazine. If you look up dr ellen chambers. His story was actually written. Because as a as a cautionary tale for junior faculty to be extremely careful of where you choose to publish your work that's brutal. So appear review journal would publish an analysis of the situation but a peer reviewed journal would not publish his actual work. Eventually they did and you know all is well but it took some Persistence and you know. I had to get involved. Because i don't want him You know having trouble reputational. I can handle that What is this on my list right so you know everything else has been said so but the but the basic idea is just that these are really slimy operations that really misinformed the public. And that's the big problem you know you're smart enough to be able to check your sources but is somebody who is just thinking. They're perusing scholarly literature about kobe. Nineteen and finding information you know. The on one is obvious. But there's lots of other stuff out there that is raising the cackles of the public. That would never make it in a real journal. It really is tough. And they're good at disguising what they really are an end because some of these journals not all of them but some of them are indexed in academic resources so even in pubmed which is the federal government's database of peer reviewed journals and peer reviewed articles. You can find some of the scam literature in legitimate sources like that and they've even invented Like junk indexes because i mentioned impact factor earlier. There's ways that you can rate the quality of peer reviewed journal and so now they're even inventing their own scales and so it's getting really really difficult to to find it. So if you're just the average person in new google in origin of sars cov two you might get lost in finding one of these articles so it is a legitimate problem for sure well and some of the journals to make things worse are trying to change their ways. Or maybe they just were duped in the beginning into you know..

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