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The statute didn't cover it. But when we had a legislator, call the program and say they were gonna fix that statute. Crickets, I wonder why super Dave why do you think it is that there wasn't much coverage of that breaking news right here on this radio show yesterday is that because all the Democrats are doing was whining about the lack of action and Republicans took action. Yeah. I think maybe that's it. And maybe that's why you didn't hear about it anywhere. But right here on this. And it's hard to stay divisive on the other side tries to fix something Namus and Jerry Miller, the two representatives that are driving. This are both Republicans. And we can't have Republicans taking action on an issue that Democrats are complaining about. Because then it would fix the problem. And then what would there be to keep people divided in angry about they'll find something else? So I'm just pointing out that this was an instance of breaking news. It was an issue. We had been talking about on the program all day yesterday. Both super not, Dave. And I agree that that statute should absolutely cover murder. You would think by the media coverage that they would have been extremely interested. It's more moron that I could do something to you. Like, I dunno break your leg like Tonya Harding's boyfriend, and that's crime or I could kill you with a stick and just murder just murder bizarre with the same motivation. Right. So it's it's going to be fixed. And I just I I'm just pointing out I thought it was interesting that the media in our town seemed to take no interest in the fixing of it. So there you go. Do we have time to do the hot dog water story here? All let's do it. Okay. Got about two minutes. Have you heard of Gwyneth Paltrow's website goop? Ooh. It's her brand. I wanna know part of Gwen. It's goop it's her brand of health products. That is worth about two hundred fifty million dollars. Now been sued multiple times for basically crackpot. You know, slick tonic type stuff that doesn't really do any good. But people it gives them the fields. And so they think it's healing them of whatever ailment they have in fact elixirs. Yeah. Here's here's Gwyneth Paltrow talking about one of the products that she sells on Jimmy with Jimmy Fallon. She's talking on Jimmy Fallon show. She's talking about how she sells. This thing called a Jade eg Jay is an ancient Chinese practice where women insert the Jade egg in their lady..

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