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There's a toggle to disable showing the location icon for the poll see some location stuff and the reasoning is it's our staff we know what we're doing there's no need to showed the icon so if you can disable that and i think andrew is right and we mentioned these few weeks ago if you know what you're doing there should be an option in the location setting for an individual app to say disable the location bar basically i on what i'm doing a you don't need to occupy the top section of my user interface every single time diop is fired up in the background because i know so just show me the location i can in the serbs bara and that's okay defaults should be this should be optout so the location bar should be shown by default i think that's the right thing to do especially for users operating from ias ten to eleven but i agree there should be a toggle to these able to of gonna say that logic of app you can have switched a ton of apple services because apple knows what they're doing that is so perfectly floored on so many levels for me because i don't know what did right like realistically apple have as much potential to track me any of a company and news that date of whatever they want to use it for like i know that we believe them we feel the apple is a is a competent it doesn't do this stuff but priorities change right and i really don't like the idea that like oh we can be given that toggle because all apple a coughed or us but not for others because all those companies the gist that just evil companies rather i really don't like that like we should i think it should be possible that it should be a part of the settings and locations things to be able to sable anything including apples system location services of whatever added up a wants to try it with you can't is able them individually but it's just you can also the disabled a bar.

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