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For times an hour I'm Tom Terry hi Tom now partly cloudy kinda hazy really seventy five at Orlando severe weather station Czech Dutch Gerrity triple team a traffic I track our helicopter of course on screen here on flight radar and you all just you and circle after circle after circle that you called a circle yeah in orbit yes you're doing an orbit flying over the Ivan no exit there on I four and insists they're big fat several close calls already yeah this exit ramp box though westbound I. four ramp died with earlier and is that is where there's no blame and it's a very small sliver exit off I have been told something else we noticed there's a very big as you exit well so was that but not going to cause any problems chasm I was four thirty six east bound at the twenty seven and five thirty two one of the questioners Kenny on colonial drive and four thirty six vehicles on the side of the roadway this traffic for brought to you by Ashley home store Ashley home store is breaking all the rules by bringing Black Friday two July for a limited time save up to fifty percent or get no interest for seventy two months Ashley home store this is home with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning or helping you get to work on time I'm at Torrance news ninety six point five W. D. B. L. for something fun to do on a Thursday Thursday nights and I got a couple of really cool options for you coming up just a couple minutes but first not first now now is your chance to win the tickets to see Brian Kilmeade America great from the start it's coming July twentieth at the plaza live because over ten at eight four.

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