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Is forbidden he's call your radio space is no to stay far away from mark live then now on K. and S. T. HM seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk well I've been informed Mr this was reading the first tweet by the president is currently just three Tempe and that millions of you is this thing on now mark is it on now I believe it is I don't know that's your call you're the engineer new video I want a new studio she feels a little defensive I hit the wrong button anyway he's the best actually he's the best reach Samantha then we have Richie V. which Valdez everybody's rich then we got our our manta W. PhD in Philly which is Z. rich Z. rich E. V. rich yes no Muhammad's no Frank's know Arnie's none of that Richie some surrounded by Richie's okay hello should I speak to Mister by the way on Monday we're supposed to have a real engineer in the in the bunker here to fix the stuff right Mr producer he was supposed to be here this past Monday but I got the time wrong so now I'm nervous at the time wrong I mean this is like fixing I don't know this is like a fixing Apollo thirteen here we got all kinds of crap going on here it's been going on for years I'm reading stuff off my iPhone I got a printer that's two stories about me really who should I speak to Colorado and Amy on XM how are you hi mark thank you so much for taking my call of course under a **** here Dolly and you my comment with hearing here by the way it is an honor to talk to me which is why sometimes I talk to myself you know anyway go ahead my comment was about humor when I heard him at what immediately popped into my mind he spoken like this before if your number one and I think it was the president when you first your brain president elect I don't or maybe you nearly inaugurated he went to visit the have been flooded community and work with them and Schumer said didn't like how the president spoke with them and threatened him he said you better watch out Mr president because they can get you six ways from Sunday you're right Schumer has ins all throughout the bureau but he makes threats all the time there's a great piece by my buddy Joe Pollock over Breitbart well he gives a summary of the history Schumer threatening the courts and I think image Mike who runs the damn Senate doesn't Mitch McConnell in the run the Senate yeah I mean they impeach the president over nothing should they at least have a serious ethics investigation I mean and should they have a vote on the floor of the Senate resolution a sense of the Senate shortly after the citizens United decision rights troll the twenty ten you know Barack Obama attacked the members of the Supreme Court Obama distorted the case badly of course Schumer Schumer backed them up Schumer backed them up of course so the left the tax the court all the time but this attack is different by ship this was a personal threat he named the two justices and his threat is extremely dangerous and he's also trying to intimidate them on how they write their opinions and.

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