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This is D. H. back here on the DA show how about focusing till the end of may for a little power outage with this home from work studio so we will ship or jump would give you a chipper chop my champ today the N. H. L. Gary Bettman who get move with the Stanley Cup comes out he went a whole season lost about sixteen years ago in the middle of a pandemic everybody is shopping at the beach read Adam silver the NBA lead the way and I'm sort of the FDA may come back and looks like they probably will in Orlando give us a great post season all of their teeth during which all sorts of different rules and ideas that could go with a group who played eighty one per sixteen street seating maybe I'm forgetful too cute but the bottom line is this next car from a team perspective an essay our team support has led the way here Gary Bettman the NHL didn't sit back and wait for the NBA's chess moves lands in place throughout the NHL return haven't returned to a point where all the twenty fourteen to start an opportunity to win the Stanley Cup Ken Pfeifer that Stanley Cup and all by the way now in the summer where we forget about hockey we will get a crash course to the Stanley Cup get casual fans in and then get a very condensed all season which is what Bob free agency before starting next season hockey will be on American sports fans to put their palms gallery bet made I know we still have a long way to go but officially putting this plan in place yesterday you are a chance Zacks D. A.'s champs my job how could not be right now do you Howard greater wifi up in Warwick New York it is good every once in a while we work on the DA show Sunday in your Christian technical difficulties and a break I don't know what's going up in Warwick New York right now what I do get it takes literally seconds ago haven't needed to come up with a chapter to jump on the flight and not follow the ETS leads so yes look thank you very much you have kept the show floor we have churned along but man we're doing the show from home what's going on our system Rosie the cat knocking out wires I don't know what's going on D. ease power grid by his house right now is your chance of the morning Zacks DA's last season now dismiss so I'm not even going to begin to try to toss the Pete the body Palade.

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