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We're wanted actually tried to uncouple this from politics and get people to look at the signs. And it to me, it doesn't matter whether I'm talking to or. Answer Democratic Alliance is saying the same thing I try to talk about the science. Because what it does if you say it's emigrant problem. It become it reinforces polars Asian, and the tribal is and it reinforces that incapacity. People who are subsumed in Orthodoxy in tribalism to actually take a break. Away and look at the science, and that's what we need people to do. If we'RE GONNA win this today we need to be cutlets political system. Has. Become. A victim politics. Those are great points bobby and I know I speak for everybody? We are it is such an honor always get to speak with you. The sacrifice you've made and how brave you are you're a true hero in this movement you really laid it out brilliantly with Alan Dershowitz everybody should see that debate and I think if they wash that debate, it seems to me that if there's one thing out there, I know there are Democrats watching right now Republicans watching right now this is an opportunity to say I'm not telling you to choose. Your side I'm staying both sides are represented in this discussion. See what you think how the discussion went. We've never had that opportunity before and that's why I think this debate is one of the most important you know milestones in this movement bobby thank you for your time. Thank you for your continued work and thank you for joining us today I. Hope to see you out there on the trail soon. You will thank you. L.. I. Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did we live in incredible times. Now this week is showing us how dangerous and volatile these discussions are becoming. It is true. We need to decouple all of these conversations from politics and have honest debates with each other everywhere. Now that's being made more and more difficult given the censorship taking place. So I want to implore you right now if. You. Enjoy the work of the high wire is doing you WanNa see more of the high wire episodes and things like this are special reports I really need you right now go to our website, the high wire dot com and please sign our mailing list. I. Guarantee You. We will never stop bringing you the truth but I cannot guarantee you that we know where that truth what that platform is. Going to be, we are under serious attack here. So please make sure we can always get the high wire to you wherever we are go to our website, the high wire dot com will you're happy to bring you this great interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. I understand why I want you to see it right away i. think those was a very deep dive with him on the politics and. Also, surround his name, his family, and everything we know. Let's do uncouple this. Let's stand together in the ability to debate, which is what this nation was founded upon, and certainly we must fight right now for our voices that are being silenced everywhere here in what used to be the greatest free nation in the world. Thank you for watching this special I'll see you on Thursday on the high wire..

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