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From breast cancer she was seventy five years old Cokie Roberts was known for her pioneering work as a high profile woman in broadcasting at a time when the field is dominated by men she began her broadcast career with national public radio in the late seventies joining A. B. C. news in nineteen eighty eight and two thousand one the media watchdog group fairness and accuracy in reporting criticize Cokie Roberts reporting awarding her a so called Pulitzer Prize speaking on the David Letterman show in two thousand one she said quote I am I will just confessed you a total sucker for the guys to stand up with all the ribbons on and stuff and if they say it's true and I'm ready to believe it and those are some of the headlines this is democracy now democracy now dot org the war and peace report I mean a good man. number one than solid welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world. Israel is facing more political turmoil as its national elections Tuesday remain too close to call with ninety two percent of the vote counted a prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party an ex military chief Benny Gantz is blue and white party appear to be nearly tied with about thirty two seats in the Knesset Netanyahu was seeking a record fifth term as prime minister but his political future is now in question of the election was called after Netanyahu failed to build the coalition government following an election in April it also came as Netanyahu is facing possible indictments over multiple corruption cases but Netanyahu Langhans had run on platforms vowing to take harsh measures targeting Palestinians Netanyahu promised to annex nearly a third of the occupied west bank if he won in violation of international law earlier this year against bragged in a campaign ad he'd bombed Gaza back to the stone ages any vow to quote pounded Gaza again as chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces guns oversaw Israel's assault on Gaza in two thousand twelve and two thousand fourteen he's currently facing a war crimes lawsuit in a Dutch court file by a judge Palestinian woman who lost six relatives in Israel's two thousand fourteen assault on Gaza on Tuesday night Gans said he had fulfilled his mission by preventing Netanyahu's outright reelection. I need some air I am happy in very excited to be here tonight we will of course await the actual results but as it seems we filled our mission and just as important we filled it our way. one can say that according to the results as they appear to be Netanyahu did not succeed in his mission meanwhile on Tuesday night Israeli prime minister Netanyahu did not claim victory or concede defeat in a in a speech to his supporters. I had a car Israel needs a strong government stable government scientists government a government that is committed to Israel as a national state for the Jewish people it can't be a government that is being supported by parties which are anti Zionist close election could result in the far right former defense minister Viktor Lieberman becoming the king maker as both dance and Lieberman attempt to form a coalition government as both guy and send Netanyahu attempt to form a coalition government we go now to Jerusalem where we're joined by the Palestinian Attorney Diana Bluetooth she's a former adviser to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas services policy adviser about Shabaka the Palestinian policy network her latest piece for the nation is headlined the Israeli elections are a referendum on who can treat Palestinians most harshly down in there to welcome to democracy now your take on the election so far. well so far it's not clear it's not clear who will be the ultimate Victor I can tell you who will be the ultimate loser and that's the Palestinian people this is because both that's now and Ganz have come out very strongly against Palestinians this was not for example a referendum on the more than fifty year military occupation but instead it was a campaign that was filled with racist statements on the part of Netanyahu urging people to vote because the Arabs were out voting out large numbers and with with Ganz also saying that he was intending to crush Gaza so the we don't know yet who who the Victor will be but we certainly do know who the loser will be and that will be those who don't want to see apartheid those who don't want to see a continuation of the occupation and those who do want to see freedom and and data book so you've mentioned Dufferin says that there was no discussion in this campaign of the Jewish nation state law that was passed the last year and which really calls it deeply into question any Israeli claims to be in a democratic state could you talk about that. yes certainly in fact none of the party platforms with the exception of the one anti Zionist plot at the end of sinus group called the joint list none of the even mentioned words like occupation or had a platform when it came to Palestinian freedom or even mention the words in the word equality instead of the all of the political parties across the spectrum with expert with the exception of the joint list really came out and said that this needs to be a Jewish state they need step to pervert preserve the idea of a Jewish majority and Jewish superiority and to none of them really had anything to say about Palestinian freedom so in sum total when we were looking at this election as a Palestinian who's a citizen of Israel this really was an election in a quick and U. S. terms of between trump versus trump with no real difference between the candidates and certainly no difference between the the political parties and platforms and what about the joint listed it group David Grohl all in numbers so based on the results so far. yes our what we did see was that they the joint list ran a very strong campaign the campaign that was aimed at stopping the the extreme right wing fascist party a party that has a hat that is labeled as a terrorist party in it in the United States the attempt was to try to get as many people out to vote so that this party would be stopped and indeed they did succeed in that not only succeeded but they've increased their numbers to yet another another seat what was very interesting in their campaign was that the campaign is not just a campaign that targets Arab voters it's a campaign that targets the Jewish Israeli laughed and says to the Jewish Israeli left if you really believe in at the end to the occupation if you really believe in equality ours is the only party that has that platform and we did see that they manage to secure votes from from Jewish Israeli voters as well because the fact that there is really no alternative there the ship all of the other parties were we're competing over how harsh they could be against Palestinians not in terms of what vision they have for freedom or a quality I'd like to turn to the Democratic Union Knesset candidates stops your fear she was first elected to the Knesset as a member of the labor party in two thousand thirteen becoming the youngest woman lawmaker in Israeli history she told CNN Tuesday the majority of Israelis support a two state solution this is what she said. most Israeli citizens are not like nothing yeah we have even after forty years of mostly right wing governments we have sixty five percent of Israelis who support a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians that's the most safe solution it's the most moral solution that we all support but nothing now at the moment regardless of what he actually believes in and of what our security system supports the entire Israeli security system is cross two state solution and a clear border between us and the Palestinians with the now at the moment we'll do everything that he can in order to establish to build the governments and escape trial to pass legislation that will prevent the justice system and prevent parliament from putting him in trial and from getting into prisons because of his corruption cases Diana due to your response and the significance of stops your fear has. it's very interesting that she says this given that her own party platform didn't mention ending the occupation didn't at all talk about the two state solution and she was aligned with a hood Barak who is also a member of her a political party this is the former Israeli prime minister who propagated the the false claim that there was no Palestinian peace partner and who himself was the person who was but was responsible for killing thirteen Palestinian citizens of Israel in October of two thousand when the second intifada started so it's wonderful that she has this outlook at this point in time when the election is done but it would have been obviously much better for her to have had this thought this outcome this vision from the beginning articulated that vision in the beginning and been pushing for Netanyahu and and other parties to actually end to the occupation rather than continuing to perpetuate it and I want to ask you about Netanyahu's pledge early this month to annex a third of the west bank it free elected despite the widespread condemnation has proposed a received his main political rival Danny Gans offered no criticism instead claim Netanyahu took the idea from him dances blue and white coalition said the Jordan Valley is called a part of Israel for ever Netanyahu drafted a plan to see the Jordan Valley in two thousand fourteen were happy Netanyahu's come around to adopt the blue and white planned to recognize the Jordan Valley he said this is Netanyahu announcing his pledge to annex the third of the west bank last week. I owe money will be all covered up to you today I'm announcing my intention to apply with the formation of the next government Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and northern dead sea and of the two what would this mean and it doesn't matter if I their guns or Netanyahu is prime minister given each is claiming it's the A. I'd is own idea. the fascinating thing is that it's been condemned by the entire world but it's been applauded inside Israel so it shows you exactly where the Israeli public lies when you see the it has now who bragging about this plan and other parties also coming forward and bragging about it and the so called center a centrist Gantz coming forward and not just bragging about about claiming that it's his own you can see exactly where the thinking lies inside Israel that they believe that they are above the law they believe that that the policies are beneath the law and that they can do whatever they want and this is why it is vitally important for us to keep our eyes on the fact that whether it is guns that's going to be an office or not you know that's going to be in office for Palestinians the outcome is going to be the same and this is also why it's very important for the BDS the boycott divestment sanctions movement to be become even stronger because that is the only way that Israel is going to be stopped well I on Tuesday Israel's far right former defense minister big door Lieberman call for a national unity government you mentioned to be formed as what he said. our horoscopes a cop we have only one option when national liberal broad government compromising Israel by ten new food and.

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