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There's things like I know that millennials like to drop f bombs right and left, and it's cool for a millennial to do that sort of thing. But you know, it doesn't cost you votes to clean up your language. You don't lose anything. But you see that more as a liability to him than the flag stands prompted when you're only talking about losing by three percent. Every little thing counts. You know, you're talking about something with the flag that might have been a a a it's one of the things that you're gonna make a break you, and I don't think you're gonna get a whole bunch of Republicans to go and say, oh, you know, what I'm gonna vote for Beto. Because now he's or because he's taking a position with the fruits of the flag that I like that's the hard core. Okay. You're talking about the interest people. I think for the interest people you get some little a lady in Arlington, Texas, for instance, who's about. To be in a nursing home. And she hears this drop an f-bomb. She may like him. She may go boy, he looks like like, you know, Bobby Kennedy, and I like that guy. But then he says something that offends her will then she's not gonna vote for it or maybe post. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Pose? And and that's just sit you got west of I thirty five where he struggled. I think there are some people within the Democratic Party who look at it and go, well, he didn't get enough Hispanics out. Well, okay. Yeah. That may be one factor too. There are all kinds of different things that could put him over that three percent fresh oil. No, no one single factor. Did it for him? But there are a number of things could have tweet. My view is Hettie tweaked that children fit four county tour and heady cleaned up his language a bit. It would have helped me to make the case for him with with my contact with the people that I regard well in the circles that I run if you've got somebody who's out there dropping f bombs it gets really really hard to go to church and say, hey, this is this is the guy you need to be supporting people are turned off by that. Even though they may like the message, even though they may like a lot of the things he saying it's hard to get over things like that. Yeah. So John Gibson who is the Lubbock county Democratic Party chair. He came in this role. How John e been here since ninety three. So a lot of millennials. You could say I've been here longer than you've been alive. Yeah. But you came in. Roll hal. I sometimes question that myself. I have always been politically active in the sense that in the local people here know this. I was the youngest person ever elected to a countywide office in the Harris County GOP Harris County Republican party that was back when I was in college, my wife, and I were married at the time. When did you get elected to I was the I was on the candidate selection committee. Okay. So like, we've got this guy that we recruited run for district judge there in Harris County that he went on to become attorney general, and and you may know him, Greg Abbott. He's now in the governor's office. You know, that's one of our recruits Ted POE who was recruited for run for judge. And then he was congressman Dan Crenshaw just took his place. I think I'm I'm terrible with names in Crenshaw thinks dozen the patch cabbage. Anyway, did that head sort of a falling out in the sense that? It's the same thing everywhere. I think with the GOP too far to the right? They get a little bit. Theocratic all or you know, you get into these kinds of things where it's just pretty hateful and ugly. And I didn't like that. Anyway, came up here for law school American meal, shoe gal, and she insisted that we come here for law school and bought a house. And so that tied to Lubbock to where I wasn't going to leave and my wife has happy with that. And then in the meantime, I really wasn't really excited about the Republican party here in town because it seemed to be the same way what I'd encountered in Houston and was voting democrat democratic because that was where my values seem to be going..

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