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Utilities. The notice will remain in effect until tests confirm whether the quality of the drink of water meets state and federal standards. The testing process is expected to take at least 24 hours in the city staff plans to begin testing Friday. Kennedale has also issued Boil water notice. Links to updates on these and other orders can be found at K. L i. F calm. Kim Lampkin is K l I have news federal government is sending help to Texas as most of the state continues to deal with frigid temperatures, icy roads and forced power outages. FEMA has supplied generators to Texas and is preparing to move diesel onto the state to ensure that could continued availability of backup power. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said FEMA is also sending a supply of water and blankets at the request of the state. The Facebook post has been deleted. But not before Colorado City Mayor Tim Boy drew the ire of a lot of folks. His post told residents to stop complaining about the cold weather. Boyd has now resigned, according to the city manager in part boards, Facebook Post said that quote no one knows you or your family anything. Nor is it the local government's responsibility to support you during trying times like this. Think or swim. It's your choice. I'm sick and tired of people looking for a blank hand out. Colorado City is located west of Abilene off I 20 where 1 63 and 28 converge. Mickey Briggs, Kale, I F news. Sounds like you guys get a little bit stressed with all this, you know? Yeah, but you know, there's just no excuse for talking like that to your constituents. No, there's not Maybe it's just, you know, it's better for them that he not be be sitting in the mayor's seat. Coming up. What do you do if you have some problems with the way your home is supposed to operate because of freezing temperatures, burst power lines, not power lines, or I suppose that's possible too. Uh, water lines and so forth. We'll talk with an expert. It's coming up next on K. L I F right now It's 5 37 35 time to check traffic and here's Junior Caruso. In Dallas. There's an accident. Eastbound 6 35 at Preston Road. Only the left Lane is getting by in traffic is stopped from Monfort. Emergency crews are on scene. It's called in about a minute or two delay in mesquite north bound 6 35 between 30 and Northwest Highway. We are seeing some slow traffic here going to slow you down about a minute or two over and Duncanville North bound Highway 67, a Cockerel Hill road that earlier accident has been cleared. That in Fort Worth westbound 20 at 35. W. The exit is blocked. Maintenance crews are clearing ice and snow. Use caution as you head into the area with K. L I f right now. Traffic on the fives. I'm junior careers. Meteorologist Brad Barton. We're gonna be mostly cloudy, breezy and cold. Today is the last of our Arctic air spends one more day and night in North Texas High today near 30 with lows 10 to 15 overnight winds out of the north 10 to 20 Miles an hour will be sunny and 35 above freezing tomorrow on Friday as winds begin shifting south Saturday looks partly cloudy, windy and warmer with a high near 42 low 35 south winds 15 to 20 and dusty Sunday could start off a little patchy drizzle. But the sun returns with a high of 55 Sunday afternoon, a bit cooler Sunday night, but sunny and warmer on Monday. I'm K L I f W B A P meteorologist Brad Barton. Only three degrees in definite right now. 26 in Richardson and 24 in Fort Worth thistles, the bench of Hero show if any prominent conservative where'd you die without having embraced democratic agenda items? That person would be treated.

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