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Carols we make that happen to you chris can go off thing in your non christmas time christmas carol call me when it's december so one besides my level five character leadership what do you enjoy about you definitely don't carry independently of me something you still love doing what do you enjoy about karaoke or what you why do you feel like you're sticking with the now besides your your your husband i've always loved singing singing along the radio growing up like we're like always encouraged to sing along to things like my mom was like in daycare and so i like we knew all these like sort of random songs teach little kids and things like that was always a part of it but not necessarily like good or bad world is sort of like mediocre singers like i carry enough of a tune like i think he's pretty decent like he does he loves karaoke to and so like hearing him do some like tom petty i'm like this is your vocal range this is good and same with my brother like they brothers little bit more talented probably than anybody else in the family but yeah like am i don't think all the time like there was always is running jobe would say word and then dad would sing a song that had that word in it and so i don't even renew when i like i think i did curiosity back at the crescent in like my senior year of college and i was like this is amazing how do i do this more getting known anybody that didn't more until then like jason united started like many others are hanging out in like there was this thing and then like really isn't rocks coming to seattle really cemented yet because we're easy to do but you have some photos i think actually house than i have joined crescent keep birthday party or something like that yeah i think it was the first year that like we really became so that would have been two thousand eight or nine depending like i think it'd been aches in nine she was in china i don't know let's let's pretend with a years time ten years ago now we've been friends for a while we've been friends for a long time yeah but you we have the metropolitan grill no what was the name of that bar was much grill yeah which is now the kate bear seattle at this place like fifty cent pitcher the pbr on sunday in lives always empty reserving like the back room was super easy and yemen to carry okey or route the crescent all right that's the end of part one you can tune in next week for parts to where we talk a lot more about kariuki and just.

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