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Drop down to 10 percent overnight under partly cloudy skies lows in the low to mid 70s partly sunny for your monday with a fifty percent chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms highs low 90s with him next around 102 i'm across todd work for wiltel it's eighty six on the island eighty seven at the ktrh top tax defenders 24hour weather center it's 800 on our top story there will be no healthcare vote in the senate this week senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced he's putting the big vote on hold until senator john mccain can return to washington from his home in arizona where he is recovering from blood plot surgery abc's gloria riviera has more on the developing story although we have to go on right now is from the colonel's office mcconnell has said that lawmakers will simply focus on other items wow mccain is recovering now mccain's out as has said he's been ordered to rest for the week but they gave no concrete tienlin so this could push this vote all the way to the week of july twentyfourth and as we know a lot can happen on capitol hill in one week we do know that senator mccain is tough he's handled a lot more than a blood clot in his time in his own tweet today he said he's feeling good and looking forward to getting back to work mcconnell needs at least fifty committed yes votes right now does it looks like they're not there at least eight swimmers are dead after a flash flooding colds rings arizona on saturday carry them away abc's kenneth moton reports fastmoving water sweeping away your who was workers in northern arizona rescue this guy and his onemonth old baby water mud trees pre watching down a melton flooding the world rescuers on at least eight killed two of them children poor rescued but tonight the desperate search for two more still missing officials say the wall of water that swept away those more than six feet high moving nearly thirty miles an hour ktrh news time is eight o3 during saturday's heavy weather lightning colonel houston woman literally napping it's something no one wants to wake up to but something iena chambers neighbor was yelling at her when she got up from a nap saturday afternoon lightning made a big down to a.

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