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Bottom line of all this is perhaps why was much too cavalier I know comments the Kamal for drivers that are taking the African American vote for granted but nothing could be further from the truth senator Tim Scott the only black Republican in the Senate called Biden's comments air again and condescending dot A. B. C.'s Rachel Scott in Washington eight one eighteen Republicans are planning to use a three trillion dollar covert nineteen relief bill that speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed through the house as a weapon during the upcoming November elections they want to show moderate Democrats the pieces of legislation that would benefit illegal immigrants they will do this despite a negative response president trump has been receiving from voters for his handling of this pandemic president trump is expected to be on the Florida coast on Wednesday to watch American astronauts blast into orbit from the Kennedy Space Center down in Florida this marks the first time since the space shuttle program ended in twenty eleven a U. S. astronauts will be launching into space aboard an American rocket from American soil Benji Reid SpaceX director of crew mission management says the team is very closely watching over conditions or looking at winds were looking at lightning recorded precipitation corrector looking at waves were looking at wave velocity and wave height because we need to make sure that if the crew had to come down I'm in a lunch escape scenario that they would come down to see state that would keep them safe and another new aspect to the event and NASA won't be in charge this time instead of E. lawn mosques private company SpaceX will be running the show with now said this time around as the customer H. hertz rental car company files for bankruptcy protection making it the latest major business to fall victim to the cripple travel industry brought on by the pandemic the one hundred and two year old Florida based company lost almost all revenue when trouble nearly shut down because of the novel coronavirus mid March lenders were unwilling to granted another extension on its auto lease debt payments pass a Friday deadline triggering this filing as.

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