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Become embarrassing to attend European Council meetings after being formally indicted for fraud that said he and his party still far ahead in the opinion. Polls and likely to storm victory in May's elections rope Cameron d-w prog still to come Europeans are flying more often despite the environmental impact, I work heart, and I need a break. Sometimes they fair was our way of saving. I should say over on dingy. Won't be all also his to that one. I'm Keith Wilbur in Bonn, Germany. You're listening to inside Europe. Malaga airport is Spain's fourth busiest and serves the key tourist resorts of the costal soul last year nineteen million passengers passed through the airport. Most of them. European holidaymakers Malaita has become a key destination. For almost a dozen budget airlines, including Ryanair, EasyJet and Eurowings dominate the European skies. A low the environmental impact of aviation has been well reported more Europeans are flying. More often, not less McMartin trouble to southern Spain to find out whether the budget airline boom can ever be undone amid such strong demand. The flight was smooth. Everything was on time. Suzanne from Oxford in the United Kingdom is sat in a trendy cafe in terminals three at Melika airport waiting for her flight home, we've had fantastic week with sunshine. She flew here on one of Europe's budget airlines which in twenty teen offered half a billion cheap flights. We almost got paid. Come if booked in advance one way tickets to the Mediterranean cost us littlest ten euros over capacity on key European routes, including two Mela means airlines are cutting their already.

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